Who Is GBR


Meet the Global Business Roundtable, where it comes from and where its heading towards.


The Global Business Roundtable is a Non-Profit Organisation which comprises of global leaders from a variety of sectors, backgrounds and expertise. It is critical for the organisation's success that GBR leaders are aligned with its Vision, Mission, Mandate and Guiding Principles. The Leadership structure of GBR occurs at three levels: Global, National and Local levels.

Convenors Office

The reviews by the Convenor of the Global Business Roundtable he looks into the activities of the organization from the Global Business Roundtable (GBR) launches and conference that where held through-out the year.

GBR Mission and Vision

The Global Business Roundtable is a networking organisation with a global member pool focused on the complete development of a person in life with God's plan for His kingdom. GBR is a people centred organisation.

History of GBR

The GBR-Global Business Roundtable was established on 21st August 2009. It started as a discussion forum as well as a support, networking and prayer group for people in business and various intellectual professions.

GBR Objectives

The Global Business Roundtable focuses on the various areas of a members holistic development this ensures that GBR members are global leaders with integrity and are developing in line with God's plan for His Kingdom

Global Business Roundtable Membership Policy

The Global Business Roundtable members are expected to behave in a certain manner. The guidelines, governing membership and the code of ethics as well as well as disciplinary and grievance procedures for members of the Global Business Roundtable