History of GBR

The Global Business Roundtable was established on 21 August 2009. It started as a discussion forum as well as a support, networking and prayer group for people in business and various intellectual professions. GBR has always been a God-centred and inspired global business networking initiative which was prompted by a deep desire to start a prayer meeting for people in business as well as to support working professionals in their various fields. 
One of the challenges facing modern business and private sectors globally is the fact that the current financial and economic systems and organisations, unless inspired by God and led by the Holy Spirit will not prevail in solving the deepening economic problems of the world.

"We believe God will use organisations like the GBR- Global Business Roundtable to ensure that His people take over and control the economies of the world." - Sipho Mseleku

This global business networking initiative has experienced the great move of God. The exponential growth was not anticipated when it began.
With this rapid growth and development came more challenges and responsibilities. 

The Global Business Roundtable began with 12 people in August 2009 on a patio in Sandton, It has now over 3000 members spread across various continents including countries such as South Africa, USA, Spain, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique and many more are members.
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