What we do


The activities of the Global Business Roundtable which develop the members holistically in-line with God's purpose.


The Business Departments of the Global Business Roundtable which focus on the development of the different spheres within all members. Holistic development in-line with God's purpose for their lives.

Intercession Department

The vision of the GBR and GFFJ Intercessory team is to advance the Kingdom of God through strategic intercessory prayer and its mission is to raise an altar unto The Most High within GBR and GFFJ

Music & Worship Department

The Music and Worship Department ushers the presence of God before any business or developmental issues are discussed.

Five Fold Ministries Council

The Five Fold Ministers Council at the Global Business Roundtable is one of the seven pillars that the house needs to build on to stand effectively

Women of Character Department

Women of Character of the Global Business Roundtable is a department which is focussed on the development of virtious women inline with God's plan.

Future Leaders Department

GBR Future Leaders is a division of the GBR focused on the development of youth globally. The main objective of the Global Business Roundtable Future Leaders is the holistic development of a young leader.

International & Africa Affairs Department

This Department was established in 2011 with the purpose to ensure the visibility, the functioning and the presence of GBR and GFFC in all continents, countries, provinces and regions/counties/ districts of the world.

Social Services Department

The social services department is focussed on assessing the social needs of the members of the Global Business Roundtable.

Mentorship Department

The power of mentorship lies in the power of experience and the capacity to transfer that experience as knowledge and wisdom to someone so that they do not have to go through the same to master the same lessons.

Sports Department

The Global Business Roundtable Sports department strives to incorporatesports with Godly principles of excellence and fairness in all activities.

Leadership Academy Department

To achieve the Global Business Roundtable mandate of holistic development for our members, they can participate in Training and Development programmes focused on spiritual and leadership skills.

SME & Entrepreneurs Department

The Entrepreneurship department looks at this objective and aims to create a holistic approach to doing business, giving Small Medium Enterprises (SME) direction hence empowering them to be industry powerhouses of tomorrow.

IT & Communications Department

The IT and Communications department is focussed on increasing efficiency of communications amongst the the members of The Global Business Roundtable.