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Date: 2015/04/07 | Category: Mentorship | Posted by: GBR Admin

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The Future leaders mentorship group tackle the question of African Leadership where we come from and where we are headed?


African leadership is 1 of the lost pearls in the African Body of knowledge. No two Africans can agree on what it is. Could it be that leadership best exemplified by the islands of "true" democracies as described by the Americans or the despotic dictatorships lorded over by our famous strong men? 

In our Monday discussion we'll attempt to decipher what African leadership is. We will look at a few ancient African leadership systems and principles. We'll discuss how they worked and how we can formulate modern model from those principles. Hopefully, a map to African Renaissance will emerge from that exercise. 

Our Convenor, Mr Mseleku, once said, "If as a leader, the work dies after you vacate office, then it is as good as if you weren’t there." It is hoped that our discussion will inspire everyone to reconsider their current situation, change it where necessary, whilst they themselves shine a light of inspiration to those closest to them.

Share your views on how to tackle this issue on where African Leadership is heading, and what is needed to change it for the better?

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