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Importance of Discipleship

Date: 2015/07/23 | Category: Discipleship | Posted by: GBR Admin

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There is a vital importance of discipleship to the body of Christ generally and in GBR particularly.

Importance of Discipleship

Your Excellences, 

I feel the need to remind us of the vital importance of discipleship to the body of Christ generally and GBR particularly. The great commission was to go and disciple the nations but the nations have discipled the church rather and given us another image with another inscription. In many nations, the Lord can hardly recognise His church that has become more of a dance hall for weekend body exercise or a massage parlour for only laying hands on the sick.

The future of the church or GBR as a market place arm of the church will not be dependent on how many member we will rake in but on how many true disciples we make of them for Christ.
The distinction between disciples and believers can't be over emphasised! 
"While the word believers appear 3 times in the new testament but the word disciples occurs 269 times!"

No prophecy is exclusive, every prophecy has terms and conditions . The prophecy of any man, family, ministry, nation has serious conditions that must be met! As we prepare for 2020, the Lord will weigh us in the scale if we are meeting the conditions to lead the world as a global organisation. Can we run the architecture of the economies of nations post 2020, do we have the Joseph company prepared, do we have the company of Daniels who can be entrusted with the king's business over nations. We must raise disciples of the stature of Joseph, Daniel, Esther as an organisation to stand up to lead the general assembly of nations.

Conformist can't change the world only those who are ready to stand out can . If we conform to the traditions of our tribes, nations and of men, we will be useless to the plan of God through GBR. We will either be listed amongst a disobedient generation who refused to lay our lives down and fell into the yoke of an anonymous generation

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Importance of Discipleship