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Importance of Communion

Date: 2015/07/29 | Category: Discipleship | Posted by: GBR Admin

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We will deal with the issue of job creation some day , our role as the church to prepare families as the main sources of job creation through family business as scriptres dictates.

Importance of Communion

Your Excellences, truth by definition, is a progressive revelation of God in Christ Jesus! The path of the just is like the shining light (progressively enlightened) this means that the word of God will be progressively revealed through out the 7 dispensational cycle that the present earth has beeen appointed to . We must brace our selves for continuous grace to walk with God in the present truth that is being unveiled in our generation.

As we continue to unpack the subject of discipleship, we must hear the mind of the Holy Spirit in the way the second generation of disciples continued in the doctrine or teaching of the Apostles
Acts 2:42! This is our focus tonight

In the spirit of the doctrines of the apostles which the 2nd generation of disciples adhered to, From next week by His grace, we shall be taking Holy Communion in each session In one of the appearance of the Lord Jesus to the Apostle Paul, the Lord instructed the Apostle to instruct His people to partake of the Communion often! 

The Apostle Paul communicated verbatim like this  "I have received from the Lord, that which I commit unto you!"  It was a direct instruction from the master and the instruction said do this often in Remebrance of me! 

  • How many of us take communion often as per that instruction? 
  • How many of you have taken communion in the last 3 or 2 weeks? 

Few weeks ago, I spoke about spiritual stature. Do you know that partaking of the Holy communion daily is one of the ways to build a spiritual stature and a build a spiritual high way over your life?

What you do monthly can't be often! 

The scriptural command says often and that was an instruction from our Lord to His disciples. Compare the exploits of the early church who took the holy communion daily and the present church that does it once in a year as some do and others once in a month.  
People came to eat a meal and got drunk. They didn't eat holy communion in these small sizes that we do now, it was a meal! Big loaf of bread and a full glasss of wine.  

Sin and communion! Let's look at 1st John 1:9 if we confess our sin, He is faithful and Just to forgive and "cleanse" us from all unrightousness! What cleanses the believer from sin? 

The blood of Jesus! To tell a believer not to partake of Holy communion because they sinned is to tell a patient not to see the doctor because they are sick. 

The early disciples broke bread that is from house to house not from church to church Acts 2:42-46. Your Excellences, we got work to do! Plenty work. 
  • You can use any bread, biscuit. It is the prayer of faith that transform the elements into a supernatural frequency of divinity
  • You can use coke and even water if out of reach or red juice.

About 17 years ago, I was about to break my fast under the hot sun of lagos, I stopped by a shop and got a bottle of coke and biscuit and sanctified them by pray and as I par-took, an injury I had picked up in a dance class doing Mc Hammer moves got healed on the spot! I felt my bone moving back into position! 

We will explore the dynamics of the mobile altar by the time we begin to hit on the prayer element of discipleship. There is no age restriction on taking communion. 

Suffer (hinder) not the little children to come unto me for such (their child like atitude) is the kingdom of God His blood flows to the lowest and highest 

Can I just tell you your Excellences, that it was the Lord who specifically instructed I teach on the communion tonight. He wants to move this class to another level spiritually. 
For those who will prepare to take ommunion with us, pls know that the Lord will visit you and uplift you.

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Importance of Communion