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Foreword to Thought Leaders 2015

Date: 2015/09/16 | Category: Fresh Bread | Posted by:

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Foreword given by one of GBR's intercessors leading up to the 6th Annual Global Thought Leaders Summit 2015.

Foreword to Thought Leaders 2015

God bless you all as we wait on Him for the Thought Leaders Summit. 

The 6th Summit will be for the unveiling of destinies and releasing of destinies. It will be for the emergence of generational leaders. It is a call for kingdom responsibility for God's people to enter their prophetic destinies of greater glory. 

It is going to be a blissful and refreshing moment for attendees. More grace to the Convenor and Generals standing on the prophetic prayer wall of GBR/GFFJ in Jesus name. 


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Foreword to Thought Leaders 2015