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Prophecy by Kim Clements

Date: 2015/11/20 | Category: Prophecies | Posted by:

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Prophecy by Kim Clements first posted in May 2008

Prophecy by Kim Clements

You will feel the bond of love again. You will feel the suffering servant again, says the Lord, while you paraded around and you said I am this thing and I am that thing. But I am the healer, I am the deliverer, I am the soon coming king, I am the lion of the tribe of Judah, I am the great I am, I am the Lily of the Valley, I am the rose of Sharon, I am the great I am, I am the perfector of your faith and I started a work in the earth says the Lord. I am going to finish and complete that work.

The Lord says that even if I have to stretch forth my hand against those that oppose me in this season, so you shall see a judgment against those that oppose me. For the days of Ananias and Sapphire will soon return into the House of God and I will purge my bride. I will perfect my bride, I will refine my bride, I will dress my bride in white again, and adorn her with the anointing of heaven, and the two of Hebron will once more be seen in the church of the first born. This is not a season says the Lord to run away, This is not a season says the Lord to get passive, This not a season to play church. This is a season to pursue me, This is a season to hunger for me, This is a season to seek me with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding.

This is the Toronto says the Lord, I came with my power and my spirit but they tried control me. For a season I have visited Pensacola, and I came and saw them. I came and spoke to them and walked, healed their sick, delivered the oppressed and then they tried to control me so I walked away. I visited Argentina and they held me and I built their churches and I gathered multitudes and men were saved and then they became a religious movement. I visited the United States; they tried to merchandise my anointing. I visited England and they never moved from one level to the next. So I have been visiting nation after nation but now I am going to visit South Africa. Do not look at what happened in the world says the Lord, do not look at what happened in the nation says the Lord, for what I will do on this continent is far greater than what I have ever done in the history of the earth. I’m going to breathe with my fire and breathe with my wind on the nation and those who have been faithful in the persecution and the hard times and the fire and walked through the deserts and gone through the mountain experiences and experienced the valleys. Even you my sons and daughters, I will cause an anointing to come but the ordinary mother shall perform supernatural signs and wonders. I will cause an anointing to come that even the smallest member in your church shall begin to prophesy and the nation shall hear about a thunder that is taking place in the nation of South Africa. It is not by coincidence that I brought the soccer world cup to this nation, can’t you see I’m trying to get the nations to look at you. For when they look at you in this season they will not see a nation defeated, but they shall see a first born church. They shall see a victorious champion church. They shall see a church with power to restore my glory once again and will bring my presence back. And you my people I have prepared, not only shall this wave of anointing hit this continent but there is a reason why I brought Africa to South Africa. Did I not say from the tip of Africa there shall be fire? Did I not say that fire will go out into the nation? This is a nation of revival, this is a nation of reformation, and this is a nation of restitution. And the enemy has attacked you, oppressed you and bound you.

I am sending three angels in the year 2008 into the continent of Africa, one shall be called the angel of Fire, the next shall be called the angel of the Wings of the Lord and the third shall be called the angel of Judgment. Those that are in judgment shall be burnt by the fire but those that have been humble shall find the fire as the light to their past and shall find the fire as the warmth to their ministries. The wind that I am bringing is a mighty wind, the ‘Ruwak’ of God. And the angels that I am sending shall open the doors of heaven and allow my spirit to blow from the north, south, east and west. What shall this wind do? It shall blow every demon off this continent of Africa. It shall blow every spirit off the continent of Africa. It will blow into the nations that have oppressed me. It will blow in the nations and be a season of change.

A great confusion will come upon the government of this nation as my spirit begins to change and put the right pieces in place, also in many men’s lives. Many men who thought they were hiding will now be exposed says the Lord. And I will change this thing and within the year period of the prophecy I will change the government of this nation. And I will turn this nation towards Israel once again, and I will breath upon this nation and this giant shall be wakened up. I’m going to join Methodists, Anglicans and Presbyterians and Charismatics and evangelists, and I am going to bind them together under the bond of my love. And the people will come once more to stand up for the glory of this nation. Crime shall escalate so as death and rumours of chaos. Suddenly the body of Christ shall stand up and bring the answer and begin to change the politicians, the prisons and hospitals. For I will raise up in this nation a godly man that will institute godliness in prisons, godliness in the laws of this country and godliness in our hospitals. And my spirit will breath upon the people that have been oppressed says the Lord. There comes a season says the Lord where the young men of God will suddenly be caught up into the third heaven and into the realms of the supernatural. Yes they will begin to see the future, a move of my spirit will hit the earth in such a decree the next six months you will find yourselves praying and not knowing there will be a prayer wall raised up in this nation. God says from the north to the south, to the east to the west. And God says this prayer wall will raise up a new company of watchmen and even some of you will be a part of that watchmen anointing and as you begin to stand on the walls of intercession you will suddenly see the light of my glory coming down, and say what this is. By the month of May there will be a shaking in the supernatural and many churches will have prayer meetings right through the night says the Lord, will be an unstoppable revival of prayer, ushering in one of the greatest moves that the earth has ever seen in the nation of South Africa. Therefore get ready says the Lord. Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! Somebody pray somebody pray, I hear the fires of revival, and I can smell the fires of revival. I’m going to do a sign and wonder with your gold says the Lord. A cloud of darkness hits America; confusion will hit the stock markets of this nation. As the American dollar begins to shake, and it begins to shake says the Lord. There comes a threat from the Far East, especially from China says the Lord. China will begin to have a claim in the east. And even as its coming you shall see these things come to pass. There shall be a change in the Veto system to prepare a way for the antichrist, the son of perdition therefore. I hear the Lord saying do not be afraid of these things. These things shall usher in the glory of the Lord. South African gold system will change, it will rise up so high, God says it will cause the inflation in this nation to change says God. There shall be a radical employment boost in South Africa and ten nations in Africa will join together a mimic of the new world order. They will try hard to bring this thing to pass but every deal they make will fall down because my feet have been standing on Africa. My spirit touches Zimbabwe and there comes three explosions. Three explosions will take place but the third one there will be a new government within that nation.

The economy of the region will change says the Lord. Men and women will start to live holy, and for the first time they will see a decrease in the HI Virus. For the solution says the Lord is not in signs but in holiness. There’s coming a season where thousands of Muslims come to Jesus, as an earthquake hits a very large piece of Turkey. And there will be men and women who are Christians who will feed and look after them. And these things will be a great sign that He is coming. The move of God that He is already here. And if you’re hungry says the Lord, if you’re thirsty says the Lord, and if you got all your lamps ready says the Lord and if you let your light burn, you’ll see my visitation. But if you’re sleeping says the Lord, this move will pass by you, you won’t see it, and you won’t experience it. There is a strange anointing that will take place, where people will ask the churches and feel the conviction of God, and just fall down, where hospitals will just be empty and where prisons will become places of education.

Welcome me and I will come, I hear the Lord saying, I have never forgotten you, sweet Africa. When Herod tried to kill me says the Lord, it was the soul of Africa that took care of me. As a young child you didn’t have anything to bring me, but you did protect me from the one that tried to kill me. And I have not forgotten your good works. I have not forgotten says the Lord, that when I was carrying the cross on the last mile, Simon from Cyrene, a black man, a man from Africa, an African bent his back down and helped me carry the cross of your shame, of your sin, of your sickness. And therefore it shall once again be Africa that shall carry the gospel the last mile. 

Its coming………..its coming…………’s coming

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Prophecy by Kim Clements