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Measured measured, Numbered numbered, weighed weighed - Number-er Part 2

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There is a wisdom of numbers that is a secret and a mystery. That’s why the name of the angel in Daniel 8:13 that was asked to interpret the times and seasons to Daniel, was ‘Numberer of Secrets, Wonderful Numberer’.

Measured measured, Numbered numbered, weighed weighed - Number-er Part 2

There is a wisdom of numbers that is a secret and a mystery. That’s why the name of the angel in Daniel 8:13 that was asked to interpret the times and seasons to Daniel, was ‘Numberer of Secrets, Wonderful Numberer’. So there is a realm of secrets and mysteries that is encoded in divine numbers, and that is why the anointed cherub, the major cherub, that covered the throne of God, before he was cast out, they said something about him: that the fullness of the summation of the wisdom of numbers was with him (Thou Sealest up the Sum.... Ezek 28:12). Of course! The names of numbers are the names of thrones. So if he is the one guarding the very throne of God, all the secrets of the numbers of thrones will have to be… with him who guards the highest throne!

That the names of the Spiritual thrones of stars or Princes in the heavenlies are also numbers,  is also highlighted in Isaiah 40 :25-26

Isa 40:25 ISV “To whom, then, will you compare me, and to whom should I be equal?” asks the Holy One.

Isa 40:26 ISV “Lift your eyes up to heaven and see who created all these

    • the one who leads out their vast array of stars by number, calling them all by name
    • because of his great might and his powerful strength
    • and not one is missing.”

Jericho had a number. The captain of the host of heaven appeared to Joshua and said, remove your shoe from your feet, you are standing on holy ground… there will be seven days numbered for Jericho, and on each day you will march round Jericho. You will take seven priests, there will be seven shofars, they will march round for seven days and on the seventh day the will march seven times. How many sevens are there? They numbered the throne of God Israel over Jericho and gave the key to Joshua. And it was not just numbers they pronounced on the lips; it was numbers they prophetically acted on. Seven priests, seven shofars, seven days, and on the seventh day, seven times – four sevens were apportioned to Jericho as the prophetic numbering for the name of their throne, and when they acted it out the wall (and throne) of Jericho fell down.

In July we had Prophetic School for Kingdom Agents, and the Spirit of God was talking about thrones, Davidic thrones and the Davidic spirit in the earth, and the origin of thrones: which is the ‘morning star’, and how that there is a demonic/satanic morning star; but Jesus is called the Bright and Morning Star, the Root and the Offspring of David, making the Davidic kingly order also a morning-star-throne order. 

The last day of that meeting was 17/07/2015 , and something was happening in the sky on that day. We didn’t plan it; we knew because certain people (Islamic) were calling off their fast that day. They usually call off the fast when they see a certain sign in the sky – the new moon. And we don’t calculate the dates; the Lord just gives us numbers to act on, because we are intercepting thrones in the realm of the spirit. So the Holy Spirit said, I’m giving you the date for the next program (August New Wine Apostolic Summit), and when we counted the date it was exactly twenty one days from the day we ended the meeting. 

I remember I said then, “Lord, we need more time to prepare. We’ve stretched and exhausted ourselves and other people will take out time to arrange…” He said, “Other people will do things at their convenience, but I can count on you to do things when gates open in the realm of the spirit”. So we fixed the meeting according to the dates we were given , and it numbered 21 days and that meeting began a shift.

We finished New Wine Apostolic Summit and then had Prophetic School for Kingdom Agents again in October, and when we finished we held Healing School. We were given the date for the just concluded New Wine Apostolic Summit (December), and it was exactly twenty one days. Now we’ve closed for the year and we’ve been given date to resume next year (2016) and when we counted it, it was exactly twenty one days.

Before all this,  We had a meeting (Apostolic Boot Camp) early May 2015 in UNIJOS, and we said a series of things about the atmosphere of that land changing, and a series of things about Nigeria. We finished that meeting and somebody came to me and said, “we are organizing another meeting, you gave some instructions, we are going to implement it, and we want you to be part of that meeting”, they were instructed to hold a meeting exactly 21 days after the Apostolic boot camp, and they numbered the date from that meeting to the date they were given, which amounted to May 29th (and you know what happened on May 29th: the handover of power took place), and it was exactly twenty one days.

They numbered twenty one days from the day we held a meeting on campus, and the person didn’t know, but was told to hold the follow up prophetic meeting to ours exactly 21 days after, and it fell exactly on may 29. I remember, that day we were speaking in the second meeting after 21 days in UNIJOS campus, and somebody snapped the picture of a cloud in the shape of a white horse over UNIJOS (he snapped it when it was disintegrating).  I was speaking about the four horsemen in Revelation 6 and that sign appeared in the sky, and you know that those are princes in the heavens. I spoke about the third one that carried a scale of balances. Measured, measured! What do you use a scale for? Measured, measured! Numbered, numbered! Weighed, weighed! That was what I was speaking about. But this scale of balances was for bread and for barley…

Rev 6:5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. 

That was an economic realm that God was talking about. That was what I was speaking about that day - the thrones of economy. But look at the trend of Nigeria economically after that time. Is that horse rider riding or not? And then a cloud in the shape of a horse appeared and they photographed it. So the numbers are in play because they are measuring something. Would to God that we knew everything they were measuring, so that… We can only do the one that we get. That’s why we need to get everybody to pick up things and to identify what they are picking up, so that we will fill the measure, because the man with the scale of balances in his hands is already riding.

There is going to be famine and shaking in the nations, and Nigeria is already feeling the heat. The oil economy has dropped. The oil market and the oil nations are about to be hit by something; but I thank God there is another kind of oil they spoke about……and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. (vs. 6)

There is another prophetic economy that heaven is raising in this time for people who will operate in the new wine of the Holy Ghost.

Look at the number of the beast – six hundred, three score and six – that’s 666, an economic number: without it you can’t buy or sell. So it’s an economic throne, yet it was a number. It means that there is a numbering going on for the throne of Nigeria that has to do with economy, and with the signs that we are putting together you can see that they are already shaking and pressing our economy. We are already borrowing money. They are planning to shrink a lot of things, and the thing is already leading to trouble. They are beginning to arrest a lot of people. The issue may be that they may turn to church/Christian people and say, “even the Church too must now have to pay to the government ".. you know, they are already saying things with regards to economy. But the Bible says; see that thou hurt not the wine and the oil.

There is a release of another kind of prophetic economy, another kind of economy out of heaven that can be tapped in the Holy Ghost, tapped prophetically and implemented, that will escape the scourge of this time. That’s why, if you hear of late, the Holy Spirit has been speaking consistently about finance. You heard the man of God say the same thing too about financial prospering and breakthrough. Do you realize all of these things go together? It is because they are numbering Nigeria’s throne. Crude oil was the power of Nigeria in the nations. They announced on the news that Angola has started producing more oil than Nigeria. As per crude oil, Nigeria is number one in Africa, but right now they have announced Angola as the leading crude oil producer.

Babs Adewunmi 

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Measured measured, Numbered numbered, weighed weighed - Number-er Part 2