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New York Launch

Your Excellency

The GBR Board of Directors cordially invite you to the Global Business Roundtable and Global Fund for Jesus launch in the United States as follows:

Chapter: New York, USA

Date: 21 & 22 November 2016
Starts: 21 November - 18H30 PM (EDT)
  22 November - 09H30 AM (EDT)

Venue: JFK Hilton,
The Hilton
New York
LaGuardia Plaza Hotel

Dress Code: Business Wear

All members are welcome to invite friends, family and colleagues.

To RSVP & further information contact:

Rev Dennis Dillon | dennis@globalbusinessroundtable.com
Halton Martins | halmartin02@gmail.com
Molly Dhlamini | molly@globalbusinessroundtable.com

Tel: +13109224045

Location: JFK Hilton, The Hilton New York, LaGuardia Plaza Hotel

2016/11/21 18:30(CAT)

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New York Launch