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Envisioning & Mobilistation Meeting

Your Excellency 

You are hereby cordially invited to the South African GBR National Envisioning and Mobilisation Meeting for both 5 Fold Ministers Council and the Intercession Council. 

Venue: Sakhumnotho Offices, 85 Central Street, Houghton 2079
Time: 5pm Thursday 
Date: 15th October 2015. 

RSVP with;
  • Carol Paulsen | carol@globalfundforchrist.com or 
  • Apostle Robert | robertn@globalbusinessroundtable.com or 
  • Pastor John | johnosa@globalbusinessroundtable.com. 


Location: 85 Central Street Houghton

2014/10/15 17:00(CAT)

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Envisioning & Mobilistation Meeting