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8th Annual GBR Prayer Camp 2018

You are invited to attend the 8th Annual GBR Prayer Camp 2018.

The Prayer camp allows all members to set time aside to interact with God on a peaceful mountain.

Venue:  Alpine Heath Resort, Drakensberg, 
KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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Early Birds available till the 31st of December 2017.

For more information,

Email:  info@globalbusinessroundtable.com
Tel:  +27 11 242 8004/12

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This is a time when the Global Business Roundtable members gather for a week of prayer and fasting. and to share insight and experiences from their respective chapters and countries.

"Every journey should begin with PRAYER. This is call on GOD to watch over us we embark on the adventure and also to ask him to be our right-hand.'

Location: Alpine Heath Resort, Drakensberg, KZN, South Africa

2018/01/28 -----(CAT)

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8th Annual GBR Prayer Camp 2018