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Annual General Assembly

    The Global Functions and Duties of the General Assembly

    The General Assembly is a global platform for GBR that represents all member countries of GBR. Each country shall have two representatives in the General Assembly. The General Assembly shall meet once per annum unless the extraordinary General Assembly in convened by the Convenor and the Global Board of Directors. The General Assembly shall deliberate and take resolutions on all global policy matters affecting GBR and its members. 

    The annual general meeting convenes on an annual bases prior to the Global Business Roundtable business conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

    Reports received at the AGM include: 

    • Report of the Council of Chairpersons
    • Report from the board of directors
    • Sector heads report including, Woman of Character, Men of Integrity, Future Leaders and Superkids  
    • Presentation of Audited Financial 
    • Reports on Investment Companies 
    • Reports Presentation of Policy adopted by the board. 
    • Presentation of Global Calendar 
    • Presentation of Annual Report 

    The AGM is fundamental to the maintenance of organisational integrity by being clear in the mandate and in the culture of openness and transparency to all members. It allows all members to question the leadership and the leadership to articulate policy and organisational principles. 

    The AGM is preceded by meetings of the Council of chairs whose mandate is to draft policy and the meeting of the board of directors who review and adopt policy. 

    The functions of the AGM are to: 

    • Receive and adopt the Annual Report of the Global Business Roundtable tabled at the session 
    • To receive and adopt the consolidated Audited Annual Financial Statement 
    • To receive debate and approve policies presented to it by the board.  
    • To endorse and adopt GBR strategy sand programs for the following year presented by the board.

      Continents Represented:

      • Africa
      • Europe
      • North America


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