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Annual General Assembly 2013 

The Global Business Roundtable since its launch on the Patio of a Sandton Home in 2009 has grown to become a truely global organisation focussed on the holistic development of their member. 
The Annual General Assembly 2013 was hosted at the Sandton Convention Center, Johannesburg, South Africa on the 14th March 2013 

A growing annual event that is attracting participation from around the world drew participants from all across Africa, including but not limited to South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, DRC, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and more. It also attracted international delegates from outside Africa including Spain and USA. 

The First Annual International General Assembly of members of the Global Business Roundtable (GBR) was held on the 14th of March 2013 and was preceded by the meetings of the Council of Chairpersons and Board of Directors. The session was held in the Bill Gallagher room of the Sandton Convention Centre. Present where members and representatives of all member countries of the GBR as well as Trustees and Ambassadors of the Global Fund for Christ. 

Apostle Bheki Thwala laid the foundation for the proceedings opening with a bible reading from John 1 verse 43 and a word of prayer. 

Opening Address: Mr Sipho Mseleku 

The Convenor of the GBR Mr. Mseleku welcomed all delegates to the first General Assembly and made mention of how the event would be held on an annual basis prior to the Conference for the GBR and Gala dinner for the Global Fund for Christ. 

The convenor spoke on the principles that GBR is founded on, stating how our roots and foundations are based on 2 scriptures in the bible, Matthew 6v33 and Matthew 22v37- 40. He emphasized that these where our greatest terms of reference in how we will conduct ourselves and all matters relating to the GBR and its business. 

Mr. Mseleku gave a brief summary on the events that took place at the annual 2013 camp which was held in Swaziland, again bringing home the point of how the camp was fundamental in creating an understanding of the intrinsic fabric that weaves the GBR together. He spoke on the importance of starting of the year in prayer and taking time to also train leaders and formulate strategy for the year. He emphasized how the camp gave any member their clearest understanding of the GBR. 

He then mentioned how 2013 is deemed to be the year of the bride for the Global Business Roundtable and the Global Fund for Christ and this meant we would be at the centre of many great things and Christ would show of His glory through his Bride. He also spoke of how 2013 would b the year of Exponential Explosion and in this year we would see a greater level of organic and inorganic growth in a measure greater than we have yet to experience. 

Mr. Mseleku in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of trustees explained the mandate of the GFFC and stated that the GFFC is here to: 
  • Do what Jesus would've have done if He was physically present. 
  • Be the ambassadors of the work of Christ and must remain sensitive to the heart of Jesus whom they serve. 
  • GBR and GFFC will be used as an instrument, to bring the wealth into the hands of the right people, who will use it to do the work Christ called us to. 
  • GFFC must be a self-sustained organization. 


Financial Report Mr. Bakang Temba (CA) 

Mr Bakang Temba stated that the financial results tabled where those of the roundtable in Sandton and where not a reflection of the global organization and its financial performance. He stated that for GBR Sandton this is the third consecutive year that the financial statements have been audited and encouraged other chapters to follow suit and begin to follow best practices and like Sandton have unqualified audits done by an independent party. 

He also spoke on the activities of the Finance committee which created and tabled for adoption a financial management policy for the governance of the use of funds of the GBR. 

Financial Highlights  
  • In 2012 the revenue realized by GBR Sandton stood at R1.5m at the close of the 2012 financial year, which has demonstrated a 101% growth comparative to 2011 where income closed at R650000 
  • Main Revenue sources in 2012 where sponsorships from some corporates as well as donations received at sessions. 
  • The total expenditure was R1.3m which in the largest percentage was attributable to the expenses of the Conference and the associated costs of launches predominantly outside of South Africa. 
  • The organization is proud to announce that in 2012 the books closed with a cash surplus. 

  • The current valuation of the GFFC primary investment in Sakhumnotho Group Holdings has an understated valuation of R49million. 
  • The size of the company has grown and the valuation is dated and should be pegged higher at the next valuation. 
  • The revenue has grown from R755 550 to R2 796 610 which shows an increase of 270%. 
  • The operating expenses of the GFFC with the primary expense being the costs of the Annual Gala Dinner stood at R2736198 against and income of R2796 610 which again brought the accounts to a close with a surplus. 

The GFFC will continue to develop the Investment committee and the caliber of investments which it holds. 

Council of Chairpersons Mr. Eric Mabuza 

Mr Eric Mabuza presented his report which started by highlighting the growth of the GBR and the creation of an evolving management and administration structure that would allow for the monitoring of systems and the governance thereof. The Chairman explained the regional structure as well as the people that would be assigned to manage those specific territories. 

He also spoke on the policy formulation work that was being done by the Council of chairpersons and that several documents had been drafted for adoption by the board earlier in the day and also for presentation and adoption by the general assembly. 

These documents include, The Terms and conditions of membership which classified membership into 2 categories and outline the requirements to be in good standing, the qualifications of a Chairperson which will govern the selection and pursuant appointment of a chairperson then followed by a review of Chairpersons to ascertain they meet the criteria prescribed, lastly is the financial management policy as drafted by the finance committee and reviewed by the Council of Chairpersons which governs the issues relating to branch finance.

Lastly some documents are in the process of being formulated such as the Code of conduct and Ethics whose basis will be best business practice and the principles of the bible. The document will tabulated in the 2013 calendar year. Mr Mabuza emphasized the importance of a robust branch network that is well managed and is effective in its member development. 

The terms and conditions of membership on adoption by the General Assembly will be made available on the website. 

International Affairs . Ms. Damis Arubayi 

Ms. Damis Arubayi spoke on the International Affairs department was established in 2011, and described the core mandate which is to ensure visibility and presence of GBR worldwide and thereby creating the platform for the GFFC as well. The tasks of the International Affairs Department mandate have been divided into three phases namely: 

Phase 1: Launches 
  • Launch packs are being developed and will soon be implemented to give guidelines on how to prepare and execute a launch. 
  • These launch packs will also include a checklist, which ensure that all the aspects of the launch are covered. 

Phase 2: Structures 
  • The department has in 2012 and will continue in 2013 to develop internal sustainable structures beginning with the International Administrative team then in countries and continents, to ensure growth and performance. 

Phase 3: Coordination 
  • The main aim of this phase is to ensure the efficient coordination of all logistics for launching across borders. Efforts are been made to minimize expenses. 
  • Multi-city launches are being introduced, whereby several launches will be coordinated per region. 
  • This will be implemented to minimize expenses and maximize on the time spent in various regions. 

Trade and Investments 
Pursuant to a country launch Trade and Investment Missions held for members and travelling delegates, to explore business opportunities in the country being launched. The International Affairs desk will continue to work with the Trade and Investment Desk to create a platform for engagement of key stakeholders and the full utilization of the contacts and extraction of value from the opportunities. 

WOMAN OF CHARACTER : Ms. Thabsile Dlamini 

The International Head of Woman of Character Ms. Thabsile Dlamini reported on the first sector department which was launched in Swaziland in 2012. She highlighted some of the key events that took place in the calendar year of what was a successful year for the department. She also spoke on the h mandate of this department; which she described as being to nurture and influence GBR positively. 

The strategic direction was for every roundtable to launch a Women of Character department within 6months of its establishment. Amongst the key highlights of the 2013 calendar year would be the Women of Character launch in South Africa in August 2013, and it will run concurrently with GBR South Africa's 4th anniversary. 

MEN OF INTEGRITY: Mr. Mafole Sematlane 

The Men of Integrity department was launched at the annual camp held in Swaziland in 2013 and was mandated to deal with the issues that concern Men. They will seek to grow their footprint both nationally and globally, and the process will be facilitated through the use of workshops. 
The leadership of the department through Workshop protocols will develop a methodology to oversee this process. 

Men of Integrity will also begin the process of consultation with other sector departments so as to measure and record the expectations of those departments with regards to Men of Integrity and also to exchange information on methodology that will work proven by the execution in other departments. 

Mr Pholoso Matjele who will lead Men of Integrity South Africa created a pro-forma that will be used for the profile of Men of Character, which will state the mission, vision and objectives of this chapter. 

In closing Mr Sematlane stated that Men of Integrity is a working progress and the profile and functionality of the department is in continuous development. 


The Global Business Roundtable operations for the year are presented for all the GBR members at the Annual General Assembly, all members are expected to attend and become involved with development of the strategies for the yaer ahead delegation organizer team is composed of U.S.-based staff from the organization or agency organizing the delegation. 

The Assembly focussed on the following: 
  • The Council of Chairpersons report 
  • The Department reports 
  • The Financial report 
  • International Affairs report 
  • Trade and Investment report 
  • Memorabilia report 

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