Leadership & Organisational Structure

The Global Business Roundtable is an umbrella global Institution which represents the interest of its members in all activities. Membership is open to companies, SMMEs, professionals, Individuals, churches, NGOs and Academic Institutions and other interested parties who share the mission and vision of GBR.

GBR is structured as a non-profit association, which is administered by a Board of Directors who are elected and appointed from among the national membership at the Constitutive General Assembly of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on a biennial basis. It is composed of a Convener, General Secretary, Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer, and twenty other members representing different countries and regions. The Global Board of Directors is charged with directing the policy and management of the organisation on an ongoing basis. Its administrative arm, the GBR Secretariat, carries out the policies of the organisation as directed by the Convenor and the Board of Directors.

South Africa is currently the host of the GBR Secretariat, which is headed by the Convener. The Secretariat is responsible for providing all member services, organising launches (Domestic and International), Trade Missions, GBR Camps, Thought Leaders Dinners, International Conferences, Leadership Summit, Intercessory Conference, Networking as well as Matchmaking for members, Mentoring and Coaching, Global Economic Data and Trade Information Centres, manage all global policy, trade and research programs, projects and events as well as providing necessary administrative, logistical and coordinating support to GBR members.

Operational Objectives 

  • The operational objectives will focus on the following requirements: 
  • To develop and manage the Secretariat as a professional business. 
  • To secure funds and raise revenue that will sustain the operations and build capacity.
  • To develop central competences in areas of relevance to member's needs. 
  • To deliver core value-added services to members. 
  • To provide income-generating services for GBR. 
  • To establish GBR Investment Companies for future profitability and sustainability of GBR.

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