Global Board of Directors of GBR

Functions and Governance of Board of Directors 

The Organisation is administered by a Board of Directors composed of the Convener, General Secretary, Treasurer and 20 other members appointed from different countries and regions to ensure representation. The Board appoints the CEO who is the ex-officio member of the Board. The Board of Directors meets at least twice annually and also whenever the Convener deems it necessary. At such a meeting, any number of Members of the Board who are present constitute a quorum, and decisions are made by a simple majority vote. 

Responsibilities and Power of the Board of Directors 

  • The Board has the responsibility to carry out the directives and policies of the General Assembly or International Council. 
  • To recommend the appointment of external auditors and fix their remuneration. To direct and control the activities of the Secretariat. 
  • To appoint or remove the Staff of the organisation and determine the terms and conditions of their service. 
  • To establish special committees, departments, business units, companies, trusts and foundations for the benefit of the organisation. 

The Convenor 

The Convenor provides the vision and direction for GBR and therefore provides leadership and strategic direction for the organisation. The Convenor is assisted by the competent Board of Directors drawn from all sectors of society and inclusive of Race, Gender and Sector of society as well as representative of all the nations and regions where GBR operates. The President/Convener presides over all meetings of the organisation, and is responsible for the conduct of business at such meetings. Puts any motion from members to the vote and declares the results. At the Annual General Assembly meeting, submits an annual report on the workings of the organisation for the preceding accounting period, together with the statement of accounts drawn up and signed by the Board of Directors and certified by the Auditors. 

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