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Manzini Roundtable Session

THE Manzini Roundtable held a powerful session this past May, as it empowered its members on Business Opportunities in the Power Generation Sector, through Mr Doctor Hlongwane, HOD-Generation Sector (Swaziland Electricity Company-SEC).

Pastor Thomas Baganineze shared a thought provoking Opening Word when he spoke “on the different anointing’s/spirits”, as stated by Revelations 16:13-14 which among others, highlights the spirit of frogs, emphasizing that GBR should always be alert of, as the New Thing means different things to different people with different expectations, thus the need for GBR to bring down demonic pillars in all the 7 mountains of society.

When introducing the speaker, His Excellency Sphamandla Ginindza described how befitting the topic on Energy/Light was, in line with GBR Values and the Biblical scripture: We are the light of the world, and darkness shall not overcome.

In his presentation, Mr Hlongwane categorized on what was happening in the Energy Industry, from maximum demand-base load-peak load. On renewable sources, he disclosed how GBR Swaziland stood advantaged as most of the available energy projects need government guarantees, an opportunity that favours locals, urging GBR members to take advantage of such.

After the presentation, a flow of questions and contributions from excellencies followed, marking the end of the session for the month of May 2017. 

Date: 2017/06/09 | Category: Global News | Posted by: GBR Admin

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