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DATE:                   26TH May 2017




DAY 1 Introductory Meeting, 24th May 2017, AVANA Hotel, Bango, Bangkok

  1. An introductory meeting with the President of the Thai Christian Business Association (TCBA) was held. The TCBA was born 12 years ago when some few Christian business people started seeing the positive impact of engaging meaningfully with business people in the local Church in Thailand.
  2. Present in the meeting was, President of the TCBA, Mr. Sutee Techarukpong, Mr. Johnson Amosu, Director of Arabata Co. (Ltd) and one of the board members, Mr. Jack Limbu (President – Pattaya Club).
  3. The Convenor introduced GBR at a high-level, including its History, its Vision and Mandate and more importantly its spiritual tenants and under-girdingprinciples.
  4. The President expressed his gratitude that the Convenor could visit Thailand to introduce GBR and GFFJ formally and in person. Previous attempts to introduce both organisations in Thailand had failed due to several constraints. He went on to explain the strategic importance of Thailand as a critical gateway to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN):
    1. Thailand is the central entry point to 10 key Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Including China, India, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.
    2. Trade between the ASEAN countries in Asia is facilitated by relaxed Visa controls making it easy to move skills, product, services, goods, etc.
    3. Thailand is the central hub of logistics and communication. Main sectors are agriculture and fishery.


DAY 2 Meetings, 25th May 2017, Tong Grow Centre, Chonburi Province

  1. In the second meeting with Tong Grow Enterprise, in Chonburi Province: Mr Sumet Techarukpong, President of Thai Christian Business Association (TCBA), Mr. Sutee Techarukpong, Mr. Johnson Amosu, Director of Arabata Co. (Ltd), Mr. Jack Limbu. We met with the Tong Grow Centre to learn about their business and their current/future projects, some of which they execute in partnership with government.
    1. Providing housing to low income households and individuals. 600 hundred thousand houses.
    2. Engineering Consulting services, standards management and standardisation.
    3. Water treatment and waste management through on-line technology and simpler technology solutions. Using river waters, boreholes or even seawater to treat water to supply to the rural areas.
    4. Food Biotech and Engineering. Rice Noodles, Meat Balls, and other food products.
    5. Robotics and other technology. Simulations to determine the optimisation of process within a new factory, including how much manpower is required. Business Process Engineering.
    6. Solar rooftop project. Produce solar and install on factory rooftops to save on electricity especially factories that operate 72 hours. These are initiatives to assist with power generation without the use of land.
    7. Asian Sea Bass Initiative. Used to sustain Churches by creating jobs for low skilled people who have expertise and experience farming the Sea Bass fish which is sold in all restaurants around Thailand.
    8. Meat Chicken Farm, Egg Farm, Dairy Farms, 
    9. Nurse Aide School for elder care.


  1. In the third and final meeting, the Board of Directors of TCBA were introduced to GBR and GFFJ with the aim of establishing a Steering Committee that would set up the interim structure to launch GBR formally in Thailand.
    1. There was agreement by the Executive Team to proceed with GBR Launch in Thailand.
    2. The team is ready to launch in time for their 12-year anniversary where they will be hosting their partners from the ASEAN region.
    3. The TCBA Executive Team were excited about the prospects of GBR finding establishment in Thailand. Many questions were asked in relation to the operational structure, membership benefits, global events, the governance structure and generally how to go about implementing GBR programs and activities on a day to day basis.
    4. The Team in Thailand have set a date for the GBR Launch and advised International Office that it has been scheduled for 19th August 2017.
    5. All GBR members are invited to attend the launch.
    6. A further pre-launch for the Asian Region which will include countries such as Japan, India, China, Myanmar, Malaysia and others, is scheduled for 16th to 19th November 2017 following the Anniversary of the TCBA: Thailand.



Thailand currently enjoys freedom of religious association according to their Constitution. As can be seen in the chart above, the Christian faith is in the minority. Most of the Christian Thai people are Catholics, other denominations include, Southern Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists and Church of Christ. The Ministry of Culture, registers all religious entities in Thailand.


Annexure: Picture Gallery


Briefing meeting on arrival with the President of the Thai Christian Business Association (TCBA). From left to right:  Mr. Johnson Amosu, Director of Arabata Co. (Ltd), Mr. Sipho Mseleku, Convenor of GBR, Mr. Jack Limbu, TCBA Executive, Mr. Sutee Techarukpong, President of Thai Christian Business Association (TCBA), Mr. Ronnie Mulaudzi, GBR Secretariat


Meeting with the Vice President, Business Development at TongGrow Enterprise, Mr Sumet Techarukpong.


Meeting with the Vice President, Business Development at TongGrow Enterprise, Mr Sumet Techarukpong.


The Thai Christian Business Association Executive Committee.

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