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Let us begin every day as we fast and pray for GBR/GFFJ World Congress 2019 by partaking of communiongiving thanks to our heavenly  Father for His great love for us and His will to be perfected at GBR/GFFJ 9th World Congress 2019.


The Lord hath prepared His throne in the heavens and His Kingdom ruleth over al. Psalm 103:19

We renounce any known and unknown allegiances to any other Kingdom and repent of knowingly or unknowingly yielding to any other gods in Jesus name.

We declare that deliverances from generational powers interfering with Kingdom exploits are overthrown and rendered ineffective in the lives of the GBR/GFFJ 9th World Congress attendees to press into God’s Kingdom.

We command all thrones of iniquity to be dismantle over GBR/GFFJ and the 9th World Congress.

We declare that every governing force of darkness loosed against the destiny of the GBR/GFFJ 9th World Congress attendees is brought low because the Kingdom is the Lords and Almighty Gods rules.

We decree God’s Kingdom consumes and breaks in pieces every other kingdom in the lives of the World Congress attendees.


Father we thank you for the overcoming power of your Holy Spirit. Thank you that you have prepared Your throne in the heavens and the earth is your footstool Heaven is your throne and you are aware of the magnitude of this mandate that has You have commissioned.

WE put our trust in You Father God. In Jesus name.

Date: 2019/03/08 | Category: Global News | Posted by: GBR Admin

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