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Word of Day - 19th of March 2019 Prayer directive for Prayer and Fasting for Congress 2019 by Joseph

We are behind the veil and in the Most Holy Place where Jesus has entered for us and as God's Holy Priest the Scripture says by the Word of the Priest every matter will be settled. T oday is a day of settlement over GBR and GFFJ by our words as God's priest made by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Let's start by thanking the Father for having made us Priests of the New Covenant by the blood of Jesus and also for making us holy by His blood and let us confess anything that can stand in the way of us serving the Lord Jesus with a clear Conscious as Priest unto God.

Secondly let us reprnt over the sacrifice of Repentance by the Blood of Jesus for any known sin against the Covenant of wealth and Prosperity that could have been committed by anyone of us or any of our ancestors or father's and receive forgiveness and cleansing in Jesus Name. Amen

Having done the above let us settle by our words the matter of wealth and great Prosperity for GBR and GFFJ,  so as we speak the words we have nothing and no one who can rightful accuse us so that our words will be established.

We declare total transfer of wealth to GBR and GFFJ in this season we call it to come now. We speak to all forms of wealth in Jesus name to hear and obey the word of the Lord Jesus and come now from all nations, we overthrow all demonic altars that have held God's people in the bondage of poverty. We command all lack to be destroyed. We prophesy against you now in the Name of Jesus to be destroy today. I see them destroyed in nation's as we speak and the Lord Jesus says see as you hear of some global companies losing money and going bankrupt in Jesus Name.

Let us come against thrones and altars established under the seas to be destroyed in the Name of Jesus.
We come against those who have established false altars using oil resources that were created by Christ Jesus for Himself and we free the oil resource in Jesus Name to fund the advancement of the King of Kings,  Jesus Christ our Maker and Creator. We release creative wisdom upon GBR and GFFJ to access all these resources that are located everywhere in the land under the seas to be released in Jesus Name.

Father we thank you that as New Testament Priest we operate in the true Tabernacle which is in the Heaven far above the heavens to establish the Laws of heaven here on earth and we establish the law of Kingdom Prosperity over GBR and GFFJ in Jesus Name.

Lord we acknowledge the Covenant Name of Your Nature over GBR and GFFJ that you are more than enough you are Elshaddai, Lord Jesus. More than enough to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we have asked of you in prayer for the last 19 days.

We receive all the answers to every prayer we have prayed in Jesus Name, because you said whatever we ask in the Name of Jesus it will be done for us. We receive every prayer done for us in Jesus Name


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