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Good morning Your Excellencies

A warm thank you and welcome as we journey together over the following  18 days of fasting and prayer together for the completion of GBR Foundational 10 years.

The gifting and grace of the Sons of Issachar of understanding the times is vital to our Intercession. There are signs of shaking for all the world to see and then there are signs and shakings that are interpreted through the gift of revelation, understanding and wisdom empowered by Holy Spirit.  GBR and GFFJ are called to walk under such a mantle and intentionally be positioned as Joseph and Daniel in this day and age.


Father God we thank today for your great love for us all. As we reflect over the past 10 years the building of foundations of GBR we thank you for the grace and wisdom that you bestowed upon all who have labored. Father we ask forgiveness for the times when we made wrong decisions and choices that affected others and your purposes negatively. We repent for our impatience and sometimes waiting to long to act. We repent for listening to wrong voices that counseled us according to the flesh and not to your Holy Spirit.

We repent for every occasion we were out of sync with Your Will and timeline for GBR. Cleanse us we pray and restore those people and realign and fill the gaps within GBR that we created by our foolishness and impatience. We pray for restoration within every life within GBR  and opportunities that was stolen as a result of our ignorance and neglect.

We humble ourselves today under Your mighty hand O Lord, and thank You for your forgiveness and restorative power. We pray for alignment of every time line that has been our of sync with You in both thr life of the organization and every member, associate and partner in GBR in Jesus name.  Continue to illuminate our understanding with your glorious Word and fill us with You peace today. We appreciate and love you Lord. Amen

Date: 2019/08/05 | Category: Global News | Posted by: GBR Admin

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