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Good morning Your Excellencies

A warm thank you and welcome as we journey together over the following 16 days of fasting and prayer together for the completion of GBR Foundational 10 years.

Let us reflect today and think back on how Father God answered our prayers and fulfilled his promises to GBR over the past 10 years. One miracle after the other, blessings untold and the spiritual networks that was underground in the past season of friendships forged and associations formed are now becoming manifest as we complete the 10 foundation years.   As we reflect let the fragrant offering  of praise and Thanksgiving rise up to Him for all He has done. Today we reflect in awe of how great our God is, how majestic His ways and rejoice in Thanksgiving for all He has done.


You alone are worthy to receive all glory and honour and praise Father God. We are saturated in your goodness and Your hand has strengthened us and sustained us. We will not fear, because you are our salvation. You have anointed us and strengthened us with Your joy. Who alone is like You? There is none to compare with You in all the multiverse. We raise our hands in worship to you today as we take time rven in our business to reflect and honour You for all that you have done for and through GBR until this over. Father we present the foundation stones with which you have built this deep foundation today and pray for your goodness and blessing upon each and every one. We glorify You O Lord for your love and mercy towards us all.
Let us finish well💌

Date: 2019/08/06 | Category: Global News | Posted by: GBR Admin

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