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Good Morning Royal Family trust you are all well this is day 17 of Our Prayer and Fasting Our Scriptural focus is Isaiah 28. The LORD GOD Himself says I lay in Zion a Rock for a Foundation and He who believes on Him will not be disappointed.

The Convernor of GBR believed on Him who is the Foundation upon which GBR is built and because GBR is built on Jesus Christ, it cannot be moved, neither can we be disappointed, because we are all built upon this Solid Foundation that is Jesus. 

The Word spoken to the Convernor by Jesus Christ is the Founding Word of GBR and GFFJ which is also the Covenant that was given by the Lord Jesus to us as GBR and GFFJ actually we can put it as GFFJ and GBR.

He said." I lay in Zion..." In Hebrews the word says you have come to Zion.  We are citizens of Zion the City of Our God it is from Zion that this Mandate come from where we as the Church of the First born are Registered and we are building on earth according to heavenly patterns.

This Morning let us Prayer Father may divine patterns of heaven be revealed to us so we can build on earth in acordance with the Patterns of Heaven.  Therefore Father we ask You,  as you did with Moses please continue to reveal to our Leaders these divine Patterns of Heaven so they can build acurately inline with Your heavenly and eternal patterns in Jesus Name.

Let us finish well. 🙏

Apostle Joseph Nyalungu

Date: 2019/08/15 | Category: Global News | Posted by: GBR Admin

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