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Good morning YE
Good Morning Royal Family,

As Royalty our Assignment is to establish  Dominion of Heaven over the earth and to do so we must understand how heaven operates. We need to understand how our Father operates and have access to His wisdom in order to lay a solid foundation.

The solid foundation of GBR and GFFJ is hearing and doing what Jesus has said. Jesus Himself said. " If anyone hears my words and does them I would liken him to a man who builds his house upon the Rock and the wind blow the rain came and beat against the house but it was not destroyed because it was build on the Rock."

GBR and GFFJ are built on hearing and doing what He says and His Word reigns supreme in GBR and GFFJ.  It is  because we regard His Word as our wisdom we do not see ourselves wiiser than Him who has been made unto us Wisdom and Knowledge. Jesus is our knowledge as well as our wisdom.

This morning may we pray that He will continue to speak to us and we will always act in accordance with His Word and that we wouldn't just be hearers but doers of the Word that we hear. That our actions should be governed by the Word which governs over all things and which is able to put us above the circumstances of this world as He is above all things. Amen in Jesus name
 by Joseph Nyalungu an apostle of Jesus Christ

[  ] Let us end well. 💌

Date: 2019/08/16 | Category: Global News | Posted by: GBR Admin

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