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This Morning is our 18th Day of  Prayer and Fasting for GBR 10th Anniversary and finishing of the foundations..  Today I will be sharing the mystery of Isaac who was born according to the Word of Promise given to Abraham and Sarah,  whose names the Lord God had to change in order to identify them with His Word of Promise.

The Word says we are born of the Word which lives and abides forever which is eternal.  The Word of God is His incorruptible Seed which abides forever just like Isaac. Therefore as GBR and GFFJ we are born of God's Eternal Word which is His Will.

The Will of God endures forever which is His Word.

Not only are we as GBR and GFFJ  born of the word, but we are also born to do His will which is to undo the Works of darkness such as poverty, lack, sickness and disease,  so we can free humanity everywhere from the bondages of satan and his demons.  To undo all evil that is upon the earth. That is why we are built on Christ Jesus the Anointed One and have been anointed by God to break the yokes of bondage.

Jacob woke up and anointed the stone in Bethel which was previously known as a place of light. Jesus is the Light of Revelation that was revealed to reveal to us the mystery of the anointing that breaks every yoke of bondage.

This morning let us pray for the Light of Revelation to reveal who Jesus Christ is and who we are in Him. Who has established us in Christ (The Anointed One) and has anointed us.  2Cor1:21-22

We are born of the Spirit and we are to live in the Spirit.  We have been given His Spirit as a guarantee and have been sealed by the Spirit who is the Spirit of Christ which makes us of Christ (The Anointed).  As GBR and GFFJ we are the Body of The Anointed One Jesus,  and have been Anointed and it is the Anointing that breaks the burdens and destroys yokes Isaiah 10:27

2 Corinthians1:22/ Ephesians1:13 Sealed with the Holy Spirit.

May we pray for the flow of His anointing upon GBR and GFFJ today. We are anointed by God to do His Will which is to bring His Word and Will to pass in the earth.

Amen by Joseph Nyalungu
May we finish well. 💌

Date: 2019/08/19 | Category: Global News | Posted by: GBR Admin

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