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We all became citizens of the Kingdom of Christ and of God when we made Christ Jesus the King over our lives by believing in Him and confessing Him as Our Lord.

The word Lord means owner. As citizens of the Kingdom of Christ which Kingdom rules over all other Kingdoms and which is eternal.

Even King David  spoke about His Kingdom saying " It is an everlasting Kingdom and His dominion is from generation to generation." The same words were repeated by King Nebuchadnezzar when he saw His dominion through His citizen Daniel.  As citizens of His Kingdom we must know that we have rights and privileges.

GBR and GFFJ are not religious organizations even as we are not religious people but we are a Kingdom Organisations formed to establish His rule over all other kingdoms, so that every knee should bow and every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord and submit to His rulership.

As Citizens of the Kingdom of Christ the King we also are a king who have a King and are lords who have a Lord.

This morning we pray for His Kingdom to come through us as GBR and GFFJ and that His rule be established over all the kingdoms of the earth.

by Joseph Nyalungu
May we end well.💌

Date: 2019/08/19 | Category: Global News | Posted by: GBR Admin

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