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Let us be reminded that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the End. The First and the Last.

He is the First, because He is the Foundation and He is the Founder and Finisher of Our Faith even as Paul the apostle put it that He that started the Good Work in us will complete it. Let us be reminded that GBR and GFFJ were started by Him and He will complete what He started, because Jesus has no unfinished business which is why on the Cross He Himself said. " It is Finished." and He never said I am finished because He cant be finished as He is everlasting, but every project that He started He will finish it even as David said that the Heavens and the earth are the work of His hands and one day He will fold them, yet He Himself is will remain forever and ever.

May we be assured that He will complete that we He has started and  that He will bring it to full completion.

Tomorrow we celebrate the completion of the foundation phase of  GBR and GFFJ which is the First Phase. The Foundation upon which the Kingdom structure will rest of which again and again the Convernor told us is colossial and that the whole world will see it. As we all know that the Foundation of any build is the most important part of the building and in accordance with the Word in Ephesians we are built on the Foundation of apostles and prophets with Jesus as the Chief Corner stone.

The Foundation has to be the strongest part of any building, because everything rests upon the Foundation and Christ Jesus Our Foundation as stated in Isaiah 28 is a solid, tested and tried Foundation which cannot be moved and those of us who believe in Him cannot be moved.

It is Him who laid the Foundations of the earth and they stand solid to date and He did so by His Word. The Word which is Himself, because He knows nothing can move Him and those who believe and Trust Him will also not be moved. Look at the mountains, ans how solid they are and how immovable they are, yet even they shake at His presence and are moved at the Presence of the immovable God.

Let us declare this Morning that the Firm Foundations of GBR and GFFJ stand solid on Jesus Christ having this Seal that the Lord Jesus knows those who are His who have His Spirit and that those who are not His will not have access to the foundations of GBR and cannot operate or building anything that is not of Christ upon this Foundation. That we reject anything and anyone who is not of Christ, we declare that we reject the Spirit of the antichrist in Jesus Name. That the antichrist will forever never have access as granted by the Spirit of Christ{ The Anointed One} we declare that only those of Christ who are sealed by His Spirit will be allowed access and to build with gold and solid material upon this foundation. We declare the Foundation of GBR And GFFJ sealed upon the Revelation of Christ Jesus by The Holy Spirit. We uproot everything foreign spirits and strange spirits from this foundation in Jesus Name and that nothing ungodly unholy we be part of this Foundation and command them to evacuate.

Lord Jesus we ask you today even as we started with repentance when we started this prayer and fasting that Lord Your angels will make sure as this foundation is sealed that nothing unclean, unholy and unwanted that you didn't plant here is sealed with this foundation.

We reject the false apostles and prophets, false teachings false everything. Everything that is not in the Measure of Your Word and Will in Jesus Name.

Jesus we declare you as Lord and King Over GBR and GFFJ.

In Jesus name Amen
Let us end well 💟

Apostle Joseph Nyalungu

Date: 2019/08/20 | Category: Global News | Posted by: GBR Admin

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