Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do i become a member?
A: Register yourself online and receive membership number, and start attending sessions at your local roundtable.

Q: Where is my closest roundtable?
A: View under branches, and select your closest branch.

Q: How do i sign in to my profile?
A: Click on Account login on the website and follow the instructions.

Q: What is a Member in Goodstanding?
A:  View the membership policy of the Global Business Roundtable to see what is required to be a member in goodstanding.

Q: What is the Global Business Roundtable main objectives?
A: The holistic development of a person, view areas of focus and objectives

Q: Where did the Global Business Roundtable start?
A: GBR started on a Patio in Sandton, South Africa, view our history

Q: What is the annual prayer camp about?
A: GBR was founded in prayer, what better way to start the year off with devoting time to share God's direction for your upcoming year, view more info

Q: Who attends the Annual General Assembly?
A: All Global Business Roundtable members and chapters must attend or send representatives to attend and receive reports of GBR past activities and future plans, more about the more

Q: How do i pay for conferences and events?
A: GBR has a secure payment portal with all the Official Bank Accounts see secure payments....

Q: How do i access the branch management system?
A: teh branch management is available to Heads of Departments, Chairpersons and Communications of chapters at

Q: How do i know what to do with the branch management system?
A: The branch management system is available for download and your perusal in the IT & Communication microsite. Download OMS Manual.

Q: How do i request business cards?
A: Business cards are only available to Heads of Departments and Chairpersons. request card here

Q: I am unable to login?
A: Please check your username and or password has no spaces. *check that CAPS lock off/on.

Q: I have forgotten my GBR login password?
A: Follow the link to reset your password or have forgotten your membership number <reset password/forgotten username>
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