GBR & GFFJ Prayer & Intercession

Global House of Prayer for All Nations

John G. Lake once said “There is a mighty lot of difference between saying prayers and praying”

John Wesley says “God does nothing but by prayer, and everything with it”, and Martin Luther calls intercession the science of all sciences. 

The Global Business Roundtable is an organisation with its foundations firmly in prayer. This makes the Intercession department a vital part of the organisation. Our vision as the GBR and GFFJ Intercessory team is to advance the kingdom of God through strategic intercessory prayer and our mission is; 

“To raise an altar unto The Most High within GBR and GFFJ where the fire of intercession will continuously burn throughout the world 24 hours a day”. 

The Global Business Roundtable Intercession departments' goal is to train, equip and raise teams of intercessors in each town, city, province, state, country, region who will cover the 24 hour prayer chain on a weekly basis. The basic tenet is that there will be people praying for the mandate throughout the world. ......read more

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