About GBR Prayer & Intercession

The Global Business Roundtable and Global Fund for Jesus was birthed through a Prophetic encounter our Convenor HE Sipho Mseleku had with the Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. The Organisation’s foundation are deeply rooted in prayer and intercession. 

Our Vision and Mandate within the GBR/GFFJ Intercession Department is to advance the Kingdom of God through strategic intercessory prayer in line with Vision 2020.

'To raise an altar unto The Most High within GBR/GFFJ where the fire of intercession will continuously burn throughout  all nations; 24/7, 365 days a year.' 

GBR Global Intercession’s Objectives: 

  • To mobilise GBR National Intercession Chairperson in Overseeing the GBR National Intercession Council of 12 who will function as the Steering Committee for the Nation.
  • To provide the GBR National Intercession Council Chairpersons with an Envisioning Pack to enable them to mobilise and implement the Vision. 
  • To provide the GBR National Intercession Council with an Intercession Training Manual to assist in the Training of Intercessors. 
  • To build GBR National Altars of Worship and Intercession Globally. 
  • To co-host the GBR Five Fold Ministers Council and Intercession Council Summit together with the Global Five Fold Ministers Council annually.
  • To encourage every National Council Member to attend the Global Prayer Camp annually where we are updated and motivated. 


Operational Objectives: 

  • 24/7 Prayer mobilisation by registering on the Global Wall of Prayer on the GBR Website. 
  • Encourage Intercessors to use the Microsite which serves as the communication hub for all relevant updates, news, prayer directives, teachings etc. 
  • To create a Global Intercession Data Base. 
  • Inform all GBR Members that Wednesday is Global Prayer and Fasting Day. 
  • To mobilise the National Prayer Summit in June

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