Fresh Bread

Amazing But True Stories

Fresh Bread | 2016/07/05 |

Evangelist R. W. Schambach writes: "I'll never forget, the greatest miracle I ever witnessed began with an offering. It happened under the ministry ...Read more

Coming into the rhythm of the Almighty

Fresh Bread | 2016/06/11 |

The Creator of the universe has a rhythm, a calendar if you wish, in which he made specific appointments with man. It is His story of salvation, ...Read more

Attracting God’s Presence

Fresh Bread | 2016/05/27 |

How many of us believe the bible is true? Every thing that is recorded happens for real? ...Read more

The keys of the Kingdom

Fresh Bread | 2016/03/23 |

And I tell you, you are Peter [Greek, Petros –a large piece of rock], and on this rock [Greek, petra –a huge rock like Gibraltar] I will build ...Read more

Financial Strategy / Economic prophetic words for 2016 into the fish-coin season (2015-2022)

Fresh Bread | 2016/03/18 |

Business people don't make major investments into the Nigerian economy until the second quarter., save now and wait till May. There is a 'sifting and ...Read more

Gatekeepers of GBR and GFFJ

Fresh Bread | 2016/03/08 |

There are two words that need explanation.1 is Gate which is a port of access for the purpose of entry and exit. Gate (Hebrew): SHAHA: Market place, ...Read more

Praying for the Kingdoms of this world

Fresh Bread | 2016/02/25 |

It is important to note that prayer must be a life of a Christian. Prayer must be in the beginning and the last of everything that a Christian is ...Read more

Watchmen Of The Walls Of GBR And GFFJ

Fresh Bread | 2016/02/22 |

A watchman according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is one that keeps watch and guards a property (Therefore a Gatekeeper) ...Read more

Heaven is my Throne

Fresh Bread | 2016/02/02 |

Heaven is my throne And earth is my footstool Where is the house You will build for me ...Read more

3 Reasons Why Some People Reject Your Spiritual Gift

Fresh Bread | 2015/11/02 |

3 Reasons Why Some People Reject Your Spiritual Gift (And How To Respond) by Helen Calder. ...Read more

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