Prophetic Word for South Africa

Prophecies | 2017/02/23 |

PROPHETIC WORD by Cindy Jacobs for Africa and SA(excerpt): ...Read more

Prophecy in writing

Prophecies | 2016/03/23 |

Prophecy given by Chuck Pierce over South Africa - 11/03/2016 ...Read more

A Word from Nomusa Yehudah

Prophecies | 2016/01/19 |

"This is a kairos moment that we, as a people, reflect on our ways and errors, recognise that we have sinned against God, repent and seek the face ...Read more

Word from Sadhu Sunday Selveraj for South Africa - October 2015

Prophecies | 2015/12/14 |

Then the Lord showed the map again. I saw South Africa outlined in blood-red, while the rest was outlined in black. ...Read more

Vision Recieved by Rick Ridings November 2015

Prophecies | 2015/12/14 |

Vision of a Wave Across Africa Shaking Witchcraft and Idolatry and Bringing Increased Harvest Received by Rick Ridings 10 November, 2015, Jerusalem, ...Read more

Prophecy by Kim Clements

Prophecies | 2015/11/20 |

Prophecy by Kim Clements first posted in May 2008 ...Read more

There is a new trumpeting from heaven

Prophecies | 2015/11/16 |

“There is a new trumpeting from heaven. I AM releasing a new vigor and a new vitality, and it’s going to become your new passion and your new ...Read more

Prophetic Word by Chuck Pierce 4.11.15

Prophecies | 2015/11/16 |

Prophetic Word by Chuck Pierce 4.11.15 (facebook) ...Read more

Prophetic Declaration by Nomusa Yehuda

Prophecies | 2015/10/16 |

We were exhorted to pray for the Ghana Launch. God gave me this word for them . I saw a vivid map of AFRICA From its 4 corners came peoples and ...Read more

Babs Adewunmi Prophetic Declaration - 29 September

Prophecies | 2015/10/07 |

A strategic prophetic word connecting west Africa and South Africa emerged in our prophetic school session ...Read more

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