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Keys to Spiritual, Prayer

Intercession Blog | 2016/07/05 |

When we come to the Scriptures, we find that prayer is a ministry of the Son of God and the Spirit. ...Read more

Keys to Spiritual Growth

Intercession Blog | 2016/07/05 |

If we ask ourselves, “How does a Christian grow spiritually,” we would do well to look at the early church and observe how they grew spiritually. ...Read more

Measured measured, Numbered numbered, weighed weighed - Number-er Part 2

Intercession Blog | 2016/06/13 |

There is a wisdom of numbers that is a secret and a mystery. That’s why the name of the angel in Daniel 8:13 that was asked to interpret the times ...Read more

Davidic spirit : David and the nation of God (part 1)

Intercession Blog | 2016/06/13 |

'David' is where the spirituality of Israel becomes ‘statehood’. At an individual level, David is that point where you as a spiritual kingdom ...Read more

Light the Menorah at Pentecost

Intercession Blog | 2016/06/13 |

David said God has ordained a lamp for His anointed. The Menorah (or the lamp stand) is not a single flame. It is the seven-pronged flaming lamp ...Read more

The Spirit of The Breaker

Intercession Blog | 2016/05/25 |

The Lord is the God of breakthrough. This is the breaker anointing. Your king is the God of breakthrough. ...Read more

The Season of Shofars

Intercession Blog | 2016/05/04 |

I saw an angel with a trumpet seemed like the first of the Seven Trumpets angels of in Rev 8: He came and dropped things, books, booklettes, ...Read more

The Number-er of Secrets -Part 1

Intercession Blog | 2016/04/19 |

7 x 7 = 49. 7th Hebrew years is an Economic Sabbath year called the Shemitah , the 49th Hebrew year is A 'Seventh Shemitah'. ...Read more

Cosmic Alignments and the Sons of Thunder.

Intercession Blog | 2016/04/18 |

There's a cosmic sign of the alignments of Five planets right now in the sky,these Planets stayed in alignment for exactly one month from January ...Read more


Intercession Blog | 2016/03/30 |

“Taking bread, he blessed it, broke it, and gave it to them, saying,...." ...Read more

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