International & Africa Affairs

Impacting Nations & Growing GBR one chapter at a time

International relations are an exceptionally important aspect of citizenship in a global society. As our world becomes smaller and smaller through communication technology, rapid air transportation and a complex international economy, the value of trade and cooperative relationships between nations is increasingly important, particularly in a global organisation.

The natural growth and development process of a child inspires much pleasure and joy for any parent. For the International Affairs (IA) department, this has been no exception. Born in 2011 with a core mandate to establish the Global Business Roundtable's and the Global Fund for Jesus' visibility globally, the department has seen significant developments in the past few years of existence. International & Africa Affairs

The IA Secretariat in particular is relatively well-populated with GBR members from various walks of life, and diverse skills-set that include • Financial analysis,

  • Planning and management; 
  • Project management; 
  • Events management; 
  • Travel coordination (professional travel agents); 
  • Business administration; and 
  • International relations
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