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The natural growth and development process of a child inspires much pleasure and joy for any parent. For the International Affairs (IA) department, this has been no exception. Born in 2011 with a core mandate to establish the Global Business Roundtable and the Global Fund For Christ's visibility globally, the department has seen significant developments in the year 2013.

Following both organisations' maiden annual general meeting in March 2013, work was done to formulate a working structure to accomplish the department's structural plan that had previously been laid out in three core phases, namely: 
  • Launches 
  • Building sustainable structures, and 
  • Coordination. 

A formal working structure that sub-divided the IA department into the following;
  • International Relations
  • Events
  • Trade and Investments sub-departments 
  • as well as an IA Secretariat was developed and put to work. 

Continental demarcations were made for each sub-division, and further country divisions within each continent. As such, within the IA department structure is, for example, Africa, Asia and Europe Relations; North and South America Events; Africa, Asia and Europe Trade and Investment Desks; as well as core functions of Administration and Finance, Communication, Coordination, Logistics, Protocol and Social Development located within the IA Secretariat. The IA Department has seen the most activity within its IA Secretariat, Events, and Trade & Investment sub-departments. 

International & Africa Affairs 

The IA Secretariat in particular is relatively well-populated with GBR members from various walks of life, and diverse skills-set that include:
  • Financial analysis
  • Planning and management 
  • Project management
  • Events management
  • Travel coordination (professional travel agents)
  • Business administration; and 
  • International relations

The IA Secretariat has also, this year, seen the presence of a new phenomenon within GBR namely the presence of project managers that work alongside on-site event coordinators to oversee successful launches and closely-followed-up country trade and investment missions.
About International & Africa Affairs | International & Africa Affairs