Past Launches & International Events

In accordance with the initial focus of the IA department on the launch phase where the department's core mandate is to ensure GBR and GFFC's visibility globally, several launches were planned and executed during the year. The Global Business Roundtable and the Global Fund for Christ were successfully launched in the following countries, and held the following events:

Madagascar, Antananarivo Launch Report

- 2017/09/01

Madagascar, Antananarivo Launch Report

North West Province Launch

- 2017/08/17

North West Province Launch

Germany launch programme

- 2016/11/02

Germany launch programme Saturday November 5th, 2016

Transportation to the New York launch

- 2016/10/25

Members who wish to attend the New York launch can select their preferred travel methods.

Accommodation for New York launch

- 2016/10/25

The recommended hotel is in the same building as the launch and trade summit.

Transport for Germany launch

- 2016/10/20

Members who wish to attend the Germany launch which will feature 3 other European chapter launches can select their preferred travel methods.

Accommodation for Germany launch

- 2016/10/20

The Germany launch will take place on the 5th and 6th November 2016 and will feature launches of Holland, Luxembourg and Birmingham chapters, the recommended hotels will allow for convenient access to launch venue.

Kenya launch accommodation

- 2016/08/10

The GBR Kenya relaunch is scheduled for the 15th - 17th September 2016, the local organising committee have organised discounted rates for individuals attending the launch.

Togo launches 5th local chapter

- 2016/05/03

The national executive committee has installed Thursday, April 14, 2016 the 5th local chapter of GBR Togo .

GBR Musina launch

- 2016/04/08

The South Africa local launch of GBR Musina will be held on the 16th April

Thailand Launch Keynote Speakers

- 2016/03/23

The GBR Thailand launch is scheduled for the 10th -17th May 2016 and will feature an Investment and Trade Summit throughout the week.

GBR Thailand launch and Trade Mission

- 2016/03/23

GBR presents the South East Asia GBR Launch and Investment Summit in Bangkok Thailand

7 Days left till the Egypt launch

- 2016/03/15

With only 7 days left till the GBR & GFFJ launch of the Egypt chapter have you booked your place?

GBR RSA launches for 2016

- 2016/03/14

The target for GBR RSA is to launch 1000 chapters by the year 2020, but the real work begin today. Every Province has a target of 10 new chapters to launch this year. For Gauteng every region has a target of of a minimum 10 chapters to launch. This

Indian Ocean Islands POSTPONED

- 2016/03/03

The Indian Ocean Islands launch has been postponed, chapters that were scheduled to be launched were Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion and Madagascar

Strategy for Nigeria launches

- 2016/02/25

We are inviting you and your friends and well wishers to the new GBR/GFFJ in Nigeria. We are proud to inform you that as a way forward we have successfully launched GBR/GFFJ in Jos Plateau State and Awka in Anambra State between October 2015 &

2 Days left till the launch in the Caribbean Islands

- 2016/02/23

2 Days left till the launch in the Caribbean Islands hosted at the Hilton Barbados Resort

25 Days to the Indian Islands Launch

- 2016/02/23

Your Excellency with 25 Days till the Indian Islands Launch have you booked your place? The launch will be hosted at the Maritim Resort

Sunday Article in Barbados Press about GBR Launch

- 2016/02/23

Sunday Article in Barbados Press about the upcoming GBR launch and Trade Summit

1 Month to the GBR Indian Ocean Island launch

- 2016/02/22

With only one month left to the launch which will be hosted on the Island of Mauritius, members are encourage to complete their bookings as soon as possible

GBR Abuja: The year's launches began with the launch of GBR Abuja on the 12th April 2013 at the Chelsea Hotel. GBR Abuja is a welcome addition to the GBR Nigeria family, following the launch of GBR Nigeria in 2012. Befitting for a vibrant nation and city, the launch of GBR was a vibrant event attended by delegates from both South Africa, and Swaziland.

GBR Botswana: GBR Botswana was successfully launched on 31st May 2013 at Tlotlo Hotel and Conference Centre. The day began with a Trade and Investment Conference and ended with the official launch and dinner. The launch in itself was a spectacular event attended by delegates from all over the country and had strong representation from GBR Chapters in Swaziland, Lesotho and South Africa.

GBR Namibia: GBR Namibia launched on the 12th July 2013 at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre. The event was well-attended, and the venue full to capacity. The highlight of the event was a pledge from the Chief Executive Officer of TBN Namibia to air GBR content.

GBR Tanzania: GBR Tanzania was the first of four multi-country launches. The official launch took place on the 13th August 2013 at the Serena Hotel. The event was graced by the former President of the United Republic of Tanzania - Mr. Benjamin Mkapa. Other highlights of the event included presentations by the Convenor, Mr. Sipho Mseleku, and remarks from Professor David Mukangara of the University of Dar es Salaam.

GBR Uganda: GBR Uganda launched on the 16th August 2013 at Hotel Africana. The country launch was indeed unique as it formed part of the first pair of multi-country launches for the year. GBR Uganda now joins GBR Tanzania and GBR Kenya to form part of the GBR East Africa Region bloc.

GBR Ghana: GBR Ghana launched on the evening of the 27th September 2013 at the Holiday Inn, with a focus, as per the Convenor's, Mr. Sipho Mseleku's mandate, on Jesus. The event had strong representation from various GBR chapters within South Africa. Presentations on the GBR and GFFC were screened during the event, and remarks made by Mr. Edward Effah, the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank. The event was also graced by Mr. Nana Kwasi Boatin – chief of the Ashanti tribe and board member of ECOBANK who made a presentation during the trade and investment conference.

GBR Benin: Rounding up the year's launches, and proving that God indeed reserves the best for last, was the launch of GBR Benin, which took place on the 30th September 2013. The event was attended by the chairperson of GBR Nigeria and Regional Coordinator, Mr. Kanayo George Onyegbuna, who was accompanied by his wife Mrs. Peace Onyegbuna. A formal presentation on the GBR and GFFC mandate was made by Pastor Hilda Pheto the Chairperson of Women of Character South Africa, on behalf of the Convenor. Additional remarks were made by Nazaire Hounkpadode - the Chairperson of the Federation of Evangelical churches of Benin.

GBR Malawi First Year Anniversary Celebration: GBR Malawi celebrated its first year anniversary on the 21st October 2013 at the Sogecoa Golden Peacock Hotel. The event was a culmination of several months of planning, and was attended by the Convenor, Mr. Sipho Mseleku; Pastor Hilda Pheto, the Chairperson of Women of Character South Africa, and Mrs. Eugenia Ameyaw, Head of GBR Africa Affairs.
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