Mentorship & Coaching

The GBR Mentorship & Coaching programme will advance the achievement of one of the core goals of GBR, i.e. the holistic development of members.

A long-term relationship in which a more experienced person, mentors and imparts knowledge, skills and behavioural competencies to a less experienced person in a chosen field (e.g. business mentor) or holistically, resulting in significant changes in knowledge, thinking and behaviour.The mentor is a ‘parent’ figure who has interest in the overall development of the protégé. The scope of a mentor is significantly vast than that of a coach.

A usually short-term relationship in which a more experienced person helps a less experienced person to develop specific skills for the task, assignment or challenge at hand. These skills can be both technical or behavioural(e.g. confidence in public speaking etc). Whilst a mentor plays a more 'parental' and 'holistic' role, a coach plays a more ‘teaching’ and 'task/assignment specific' role to improve performance. ... read more

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