Principles of Mentorship

Mentorship and coaching will be a VOLUNTARY exercise for all leaders and those interested in being mentored/coached.

  • Mentees/ Proteges are to have a maximum of TWO formal mentorship or coaching relationships that can be monitored and evaluated through the programme but are allowed to have other informal mentorship or coaching relationships if they so wish.
  • Proteges will choose their own mentors/ coaches based on the mentor/ coaches' competency profiles. These profiles will be available from all local Mentorship/ Coaching Champions/ co-ordinators
  • All mentors and proteges are to under go online mentorship and coaching training OR training facilitated by local Mentorship/ Coaching Co-ordinators (goal setting to be included in training)
  • Mentors/ Coaches will be formally appointed and issued with an appointment letter outlining their roles and responsibilities
  • Proteges will be issued with a 'welcome letter' equally outlining their role in the relationship. 
  • All mentors/coaches and proteges are to sign a mentorship/coaching agreement
  • Mentorship/coaching meetings/discussions can be in person or through various means of technology (e.g. skype, telephone, e-mail, whatsappetc)
  • Where geographically possible, proteges should understudy their mentors/coaches to transfer tacit knowledge
  • The mentorship/coaching relationship will be evaluated (assess protege progress etc.) by both the mentor/coach and protege on a quarterly basis
  • All local chapters are to have a Mentorship and Coaching Committee and appoint a Mentorship & Coaching Champion to drive and co-ordinate mentorship & coaching locally 
  • All local chapters are to maintain a register of mentors/coaches and proteges who have entered into a formal mentorship/coaching agreement
  • Local Chairpersons are to include mentorship and Coaching in their quarterly and annual reports.
  • Mentorship is to be included as a category in Recognition awards (mentor/coach of the year, protege of the year, mentorship/coaching champion of the year)
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