About Mentorship & Coaching

The GBR Mentorship & Coaching programme will advance the achievement of one of the core goals of GBR, i.e. the holistic development of members.

We will raise leaders who will make strides in GBR as well as their respective spheres in society which will allow them Impartation of critical institutional/GBR knowledge to proteges, thereby ensuring that the mandate of GBR is carried on from generation to generation. 'passing on of the mantle to the next generation..raising Joshuas'

  • A long-term relationship in which a more experienced person, mentors and imparts knowledge, skills and behaviouralcompetencies to a less experienced person in a chosen field (e.g. business mentor) or holistically, resulting in significant changes in knowledge, thinking and behaviour/work. 
  • The Mentor is a ‘parent’ figure who has interest in the overall development of the protégé. The scope of a mentor is significantly vast than that of a coach. 

  • A usuallyshort-term relationship in which a more experienced person helps a less experienced person to develop specificskillsfor the task, assignment or challenge at hand. 
  • These skills can be bothtechnical or behavioral(e.g. confidence in public speaking etc). Whilst a mentor plays a more 'parental' and 'holistic' role, a coach plays a more ‘teaching’ and 'task/assignment specific' role to improve performance. 

Communities of Practice
  • Communities of practiceare a group of people in a similar field who engage in the process of collective learning and knowledge sharing.. E.g. a group of engineers in a particular field, network of business owners, pastors or farmers helping each other tackle challenges they face in their domain etc. 
  • A lot of practicaland tacit knowledge is shared within a community of practice. Knowledge that could otherwise not be learned from reading alone (impartation of practical know-how) 

  • Mastermind groupsare groups of 2-8 people with similar goals who meet regularlyto help one another reach their goals. Members challenge each other to set important goals and more importantly, achieve them! 
  • They act as catalysts for growth, devil's advocates and cheer leaders that encourage each other to set high targets/goals and achieve them. They hold each other accountable to their goals (Inner circle of one’s success)
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