Rules of eMentoring

Rules of the Game/ Online Etiquette 

Below are some rules of the game that will govern how we conduct ourselves on this online platform: 

  • E-mentoring sessions will last 1 to 2 hours per week based on mutual agreement by each group. Should members wish to continue discussing other issues with each other, they should do so by texting each other outside the group OR request the e-Mentoring Group Co-ordinator to temporarily remove the E-mentor from the group to avoid flooding his/her phone with messages after the allotted time for the session. 

  • Each Group will be assigned a Core e-Mentor who will be responsible for mentoring the group together with other rotational e-mentors. The well-being of the group is dependent upon this Core e-Mentor as they need to source relevant subject material, e-books, articles, relevant subject matter experts/rotational e-mentors to share insights with the group. 

  • Rotational E-Mentors will be given at least two slots per month and they are to send their topic or pre-reading material to the Group (via the Core e-Mentor/Co-ordinator) prior to the session to ensure highly interactive sessions. 

  • The E-mentoring Co-ordinator will be responsible for administering the groups by assisting members to load Whatsapp on their phones, establish groups, add new members to the group, remove members that wish to migrate to other groups, remind group members of their scheduled sessions, introduce and welcome new members to the group etc. 

  • Group members are to uphold the values of Love, Respect, Confidentiality, Punctuality in the group. Members are to text their apologies or late attendance to the group.

  • A Scribe is to be appointed for each group, to capture KEY insights and lessons learnt, NOT minutes, so that these can be shared on the GBR website as part of our Knowledge Management. A lot of knowledge is shared and co-created during such sessions and it is very important for it to be captured for others both now and in the future. GBR will not be an organization with an oral history, we shall capture and codify key lessons learnt for future generations in order to shorten their learning curve and accelerate their development long after we have gone 

Online Session Procedure: 

The session or online class procedure is somewhat similar to our Core Roundtable sessions: 
  • The session will be opened in prayer to invite the Greatest Teacher, the Holy Spirit to guide the session. 
  • The Core e-Mentor or Coordinator will introduce the topic and set the scene. 
  • The scheduled e-Mentor will lead the discussions by sharing his/her insights relating a particular topic 
  • Group members ask the e-mentor questions during the discussions and answers are given by BOTH the e-mentor and other group members! This is where members tap into collective wisdom of the group. 
  • Members thank the e-mentor for sharing and lessons learnt. This usually happens naturally during the session as members tend to thank the e-mentor for valuable insight shared immediately after it has been imparted. 
  • Confirmation of next session and closing prayer.
Rules of eMentoring | Mentorship