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Global Business Round table Emalahleni/ Witbank was launched in October 2011, 

Global Business Round table Emalahleni/ Witbank is situated in Mpumalanga, South Africa


The Global Business Roundtable Emalahleni holds its meetings fortnightly at Protea Hotel near the city centre. 
Our session are characterised by excellence and are packed with useful information that can be applied instantly to benefit individuals and businesses of any size. 
We tailor our presentations to meet the needs of our immediate community while extending the horizons to expose the opportunities that are available throughout the areas where the Global business roundtable operates. 
The leaders of our roundtable are putting effort on travel in order to be rich with fresh information for their benefit as well as the benefit of the roundtable. 
The members of the round table are encouraged to take some trips outside of the immediate environment. 
The sessions that were covered during 2012 addressed the following areas:

Wealth Creation 
The discussions focused on insights relating to personal wealth creation and management. We encourage our members to take charge and management of their personal finances including getting out of bad debts, saving for rainy days, making sound and sustainable investments and leveraging access to finance for their advantage.

Business Opportunities
The presentations focus on business opportunities that are available and members have the privilege of accessing these opportunities for themselves and their businesses. Our focus is on ensuring that the members of the roundtable take advantage of these opportunities and therefore follow up is very crucial to encourage accountability and to assist with the provision of motivation for the members to take the next step. We recognise that it takes time to turn an opportunity into a fruitful business therefore we take time to follow up on the activities of our members in relation to the opportunities that have been presented. We are happy to see significant progress made by our members towards turning the information presented at the roundtable to meaningful businesses. We have seen more members following up especially on the Massmart opportunities that were presented in the last quarter of 2012. We are looking forward to seeing these businesses flourishing in 2013.

International Affairs 
Here the members get an opportunity to listen to various feedbacks following the Global Business roundtable launches at an international level. The various packages and information collected during the launches and the associated trade missions are shared with the members for information and action. · 

Spiritual Development 
The spiritual welfare forms and important and integral part the holistic development that we want to see our member grow towards; hence the presence of God in our meetings remains critical. Praise, worship and prayer forms part of the roundtable meetings. We also set up meetings specifically for teachings on spiritual matters.
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