GBR Vision 2020 - Aims & Objectives

  1. GBR to be present in more than 200 countries by 2020
  2. GBR to be present in 2000 universities around the world in line with the Future Leaders Strategic Plan
  3. GBR to be present in many High Schools around the world
  4. GBR to have a presence in Prisons
  5. GBR to grow its membership organically and inorganically
  6. GFFJ and GBR to acquire minimum atleast 4 investments in each country annually where they are present in order to increase their Investment Porfolio. This represents economic and financial influence and total takeover of Kingdom Assets.
  7. GBR to facilitate the production of 10 000 millionaires and established Businesses by 2020
  8. GBR to establish and entrench Annual GBR US - Africa Summit, GBR Europe - Africa Summit, GBR Asia Africa Summit and GBR Intra Africa Trade Summit.
  9. GBR to ensure every Future Leader has a mentor and every person needing a mentor gets one.
  10. GBR to ensure presence in every city, town, township, village or suburb.

GBR Vision 2020 - Aims & Objectives | Vision 2020