The functions of the GBR Communications

The function of the GBR communications department is to ensure effective and focused communication, both within and outside the GBR global community. 

This department focuses on 2 main areas: 
1. Internal communications 
2. External communications 

Internal Communications 
A GBR member or GFFJ ambassador who is informed about the two organizations is automatically an ambassador and marketer for the GBR and the GFFJ brand. 
The role of the communications department is to ensure mechanisms are in place so all communication is effective and efficient. 

External Communication 
The purpose of external communication in the organization is to ensure that all external stakeholders are informed of the activities within GBR and GFFJ 
How is this achieved? 
  • GBR and GFFJ Websites 
  • Brochures 
  • Annual Reports 
  • Word of Mouth Promotions 
  • Social Media 
  • Newsletters 

What are the functions of the GBR IT & Communications department? 

Our main focus as the GBR communications department is to ensure all content of the website is updated and streamlined. Every department and roundtable updates their microsites regularly on the site in order to keep the website information relevant and current. 

How has this improved the website? 
  • The GBR website now has departmental microsites allowing specifically targeted communication. 
  • Branch microsites are now points of priority and focus. 

The GFFJ website has been launched on and currently on phase 1 AND PHASE 2 WILL SEE US LAUNCH A CONTENT DRIVEN INFORMATION HUB. 
You may access the website on: 


The purpose of the GBR news and contents department is to communicate to all internal and external stakeholders to promote and celebrate good practices and achievements, share information and experiences in GBR and GFFJ. 

What publications have been produced by the communications office? 
  • Electronic newsletters 
  • Annual reports 
  • Internal and external brochures 
  • Online news content 
  • Departmental brochures
The functions of the GBR Communications | Communications