GBR's Mobile Application

Why the Mobile Application?

GBR is growing at a colossal rate with events, trade mission, sessions and summits occuring every week across the globe. The mobile applications seeks to bring all notices, reminders and updates to all members timeously. The mobile application will offer all members quick access to important and relevant information pertaining to their membership details, chapter updates and information on events they have an RSVP' for.

Quick Specifications
  • RSVP online and receive reminders
  • Important notices regarding your chapter
  • International Event Invitations
  • Chapter Launch details and reminders
  • Update your Individual and business profiles

The Application.

Global Business Roundtable is developing a mobile solution for their existing digital platform. The mobile applications will expose the following functionality of the current digital platform: 
  • Profile Registration & Management 
  • Event Registration 
  • Member to Member communication The mobile applications will expose the following additional functionality: 
  • User managed subscriptions to posts from their preferred microsites 
  • Push notifications to be sent to user mobile devices when a user is subscribed to receive such notifications. 
The Mobile Application Solution is Integration to an existing digital platform, through an API to be developed by GBR. 
  1. Potential Obstacles 
  2. Technology Requirement (Software and Hardware) 


GBR will expand their current digital platform to include an Application Programming Interface (API). 
The API will expose data and functionality from the existing platform, allowing the mobile applications to retrieve and store data from and to the current platform. 

The following is required to ensure successful development of the API consumption layer: 
1. Web Service Definition Language 
2. XML structure for data that will be consumed by the mobile applications 
3. XML structure for data that will be posted back to the client’s server through the API 
4. Method definitions and parameters for all methods that will be exposed through the API 
5. API security information


1. Hardware a. Application users will need an Android or iOS powered device in order to be able to use download and install the application. 
2. Software a. The applications will be built to support recent versions of the target operating systems: i. Android 4.0.4+ ii. iOS 7+
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