Thinnkers global project


We will create a worldwide innovative digital center, with a replicable model for other strategic cities. Our main asset are young proactive and skilled people. We would give
them the opportunity of being part of great impact technology projects. All these young people would be part of and exclusive community, the Thinnkers.


Create the innovative digital network of young talent to make their dreams their profession.

  • Passion for technological innovation, especially for virtual reality as a technology of today and tomorrow.
  • Emphasis on the local, proactive and qualified young talent.
  • Facilitation of professional realization of young talent in exciting technology projects.
  • Excellence in quality as the hallmark of our engagement and as a differential value.
  • Claiming of Spain (and especially Murcia because it is the headquarters of this development center) as enclave of talent and opportunities.


Business targets

  • Developing our own Virtual Reality products:
  • Part of the team of thinnkers would be focused on research and innovation to create virtual reality products (they would feed the Alter Space of ImmersiON-VRelia, a local company that it’s developing high quality hardware for virtual reality and it’s our partner).
  • On this way the marketing of the device would be enhanced thanks to the content that we could generate and that would be created in direct collaboration with the team ImmersiON-VRelia, so that the experience would be much more satisfactory and the development would be localized.

  • Providing software solutions for companies:
  • The other part of the team would be focused on the realization of projects for international companies that depend on the realization of an investment in digital technology. In the face of these companies, it would be a center of digital development that makes high quality products at the best cost. We could create an outsourcing model of technological departments of these companies favoring the growth of the center and short-term recovery of the initial investment.

Communicative targets

  • Enhance and leverage Murcia brand:
  • Murcia is a city that has a number of features that make it a strategic location for the creation of new businesses. Apart from its natural beauty (beautiful weather with sunshine 300 days a year, beaches, leisure, communications, etc ), is a region with 3 universities (especially the UCAM ), with lower costs for businesses and it’s still growing.
  • Spain is in an economic crisis so there is a current promotion of entrepreneurship as a way to promote the business and to enable the creation of jobs. That is why local initiatives have a major impact, and whether these have to do with young successful, much more. We must exploit and squeeze this circumstance in our favor.

  • Controlling much of the international information of Virtual Reality:
  • Having in the same city an european office of Immersion VRelia and one of Thinnkers, we would control much of the communication of virtual reality as it is the perfect combination between hardware and software. We would create a landmark here around which would generate currents of opinion among bloggers, social media, etc.

  • Storytelling: the Thinnkers:
  • The Thinnkers, talented young people who are part of an exclusive technology community, have much to tell: how they became Thinnkers, how their life has changed, how their dream of working for major projects became reality, etc.
  • Investing in viral communication in this regard, telling the stories of youth for youth, helping to motivate and be a benchmark of success for others to show them that from here you can also do great things, generate a stream of continuous interaction. In addition, Thinnkers, as digital professionals, would expend an hour a day to extend what we are, talking with other young people through networks .

Social targets

· Get out virtual reality, and all innovative technologies, to everyone, developing some experiences that make life better for some groups For example, develop a theme park for paraplegic or disabled so they can feel experiences that they’re not able to.

· Being able to pay, with the profits generated by the company, a scholarship for people who feel passion for what we do and do not have resources to form properly.

· Helping companies to digital transformation with a high quality service at a competitive but more affordable cost.

· To promote youth motivation. Boost motivation and hope for young people, giving them a reason to strive and believe in their chances with the option of becoming Thinnkers, at
the same time serving as an example to undertake new projects.


As mentioned, this is an initiative launched by young people for other young people who share their passion for technology, who are willing to take on the world and believe in their
ability to develop something of international scope.

Today, 70% of children will work in professions are not yet invented. Therefore, a center for digital innovation is essential when our present and future is tremendously marked by
this reality, above all, I insist, in the case of virtual reality.

But Thinnkers not only has to be a space, an office or a business, but has to be a feeling. The feeling of belonging to something is one of the strongest that can develop a person. It
has to bocome a community, a group of people with the same essence, the same interests and working under the same rules.


The Thinnkers have to have a number of features that include:

· Be proactive and young confident people
· Release passion for digital and technological innovation
· Demonstrate a special sensitivity to help and support other young people to become a thinnker
· Having dreams


- By profession :
· Developers
· Creative and graphic designers
· 3D and Computer Graphics Designers
· SEO experts and communicators

- By level :
· Experts : they are Thinnkers that come straight to work on the project. This is their profession and devote 100% of their time to this project. The selection process has to be
strict to ensure we have the best .
· Rookies : they are students on probation and learning. They come from different universities and professional schools of the city itself associated with the center. They spend half a day working with experts Thinnkers. This is a way of attracting and selecting talent.
· Trainee : it’s a group of aspiring Thinnkers that can not be Rookies yet but want to be associated with this movement. There will be activities for them on weekends as forums, chats, presentations, lectures, etc. It is a way to transmit our culture and start generating excitement and motivation .

Our allies

We have two main allies to launch this project are:

UCAM, Catholic University of Murcia:
The UCAM is a young but steadily and exponentially growing university. Its pillars began as 2 18 years ago: evangelization and teaching. Shortly it has been included a third pillar research. In the last five years, it has enhanced its fourth pillar: sport, being the University of Sport nationally and fifth worldwide. Now the strategy is to position UCAM, through the Technological Institute of Murcia, as the University of Business and Innovation. Therefore, a project like this, born within the region itself, would be fully supported by the university as it is fully aligned with their philosophy and boost their technical careers : information technology and telecommunications.

For the Region of Murcia is primary the creation of projects like Thinnkers or Immersion VRelia. And if they are associated, we are even stronger. The Region of Murcia not only drives the business and creates new jobs, it motivates young people of our region and Murcia places on the map as a leader in the technological area, with all that that entails
and everything that can attract (forums, conferences investment, new businesses, etc.)

Therefore we must use force with the initiatives we are undertaking to achieve better conditions and benefits from the government, it sure would be keen to support something like this. There are other potential allies such as other training centers and universities.

And the greatest part of this. Once we develop it here, we will be able to replicate it elsewhere and Africa is a great place to do it.

" The person who invented internet, a media that connects invisibly to all people of the world, was not being realistic. Why would we want to be us? "
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