Our Objectives

The IT and Communications team strives on excellence and connecting the whole GBR network, since we are truly global. The team has been involved in making the GFFJ and GBR website.  We are working on making sure the website is fully functional and up to date 

The IT and Communications Team is a small group of males and females ranging from all ages and all with different skills. The team ranges from university student to graduates and individuals who are already in the workplace. 

The team is filled with talent from designers to programmers to communication experts. The team is ever expanding and is also looking for more talented Excellences to join!

Our Vision2020 is to be able to connect the whole ever growing GBR network seamlessly and effortless. To make the GBR website, the go to place for all GBR information. Since GBR is going to be one of the biggest organisations in the world, we also plan to make the GBR and GFFJ website the best and biggest website in the world by implementing the following;
  1. In organizing public relation functions for GBR, the head of Communications, must work out the best way of introducing GBR usefully to the media, this may be means of hand-outs, circulars, sent through the post or printed publicity material or by special events such as press conferences or receptions or on a more personal level by introducing the Heads of Departments to journalists. 
  2. To plan and strategize the communication processes with the internal and external audience. 
  3. To maintain a communication balance between the internal audiences i.e. the members of GBR and to decrease the communication gap. 
  4. Marketing research, the need of the hour and what is the demand of the audience.
  5. To keep an eye on the industry developments. 
  6. To handle shows like, exhibitions, and road shows, etc. 
  7. To handle the public relations and media relations of GBR & GFFJ.
  8. Periodical research and evaluation to determine the actions or adjustments needed for social harmony (between the organization and its publics). 
  9. It is for each communication head to determine what the best is and most cost- effective method of communicating the branches interest. This pre-supposes that the initiative comes from the communications department. 
  10. To answer queries from the press and TV. If a communication department earns a reputation for, finding the answers to press queries swiftly, effectively and accurately and presenting them in a form that is usable by the media, then what that department says is likely to be believed, trusted and used.
Our Objectives | Communications