The Role of Communications in Your Roundtable

The communications person within each and every GBR Chapter/ Roundtable has the main task of communicating with the provincial, national, regional and global structures and transmitting those messages to the intended recipients within their roundtable or community.

Global News
The communications head is to receive any news that are at a global level and filter the news to their roundtable and community.

Regional and National News
News which is relevant to your national will be sent to all relevant roundtables and the onus is on each communications department to inform, market and disseminate the news to their members

Local & Chapter News
All news that has a bearing on the roundtable should be collected and sen to members to be better informed about the next session, event, guest speakers and matters of importance.


The microsite is the perfect tool to communicate with GBR International and GBR Head Office. All information, reports and discussions posted on to your microsite keeps GBR international informed of the developments happening around your roundtable. Session registers loaded on the microsite contribute to a members goodstanding according to the criteria

Head of Department Main responsibilities 
  • Develop a team (capacity building) see IT & Communications Services below 
  • Manage roundtable microsite 
  • Collect and upload registers, Session summaries/report 
  • Communicate with Global, Regional, national structures regularly 
  • Streamline communication channels within your chapter.
The Role of Communications in Your Roundtable | Communications