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11 February 2016

To: GBR Leaders (Global); GFFJ Leaders (Global)
From: The Office of the Convener

RE: Mr Thato Mashao: GBR Secretariat Coordinator
RE: Ms Alice Mothiba: GFFJ Secretariat Coordinator

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Your Excellences, you will realise that the Global Business Roundtable (GBR) is growing exponentially due to the many launches currently underway in response to Vision 2020. Consequently, it is becoming impractical for me to attend to all GBR and GFFJ operational queries.

It has become important to build some capacity in the office of the Convener, in particular, the Secretariat, in order to assist with the following duties:
  • To coordinate the functions of the GBR and GFFJ secretariat, inter alia: 
    • Provide all necessary administrative, logistical and coordination support. o Oversee the implementation of all global policies and guiding documents.
    • Administer member/donor services and general communication.
    • Coordinate launches (Domestic and International).
    • Coordinate GBR/GFFJ events and programmes.
  • To channel all relevant GBR/GFFJ communication to the appropriate Departments.
  • To assist GBR/GFFJ leaders in troubleshooting and timely problem resolution.
  • Review of key functions to ensure improvements, effectiveness and efficiency of programmes.

This change is effective immediately and all Excellences are requested to coordinate activities through the desk of Mr Thato Mashao (GBR) and Ms Alice Mothiba (GFFJ).
I thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this regard.

Jesus is Lord 
Kind regards, 
Sipho Mseleku 
Convenor, Global Business Roundtable and, 
Chairman, Global Fund for Jesus

Date: 2016/02/11 | Category: Convenors Desk | Posted by: GBR Admin

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