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Convenors Message 2016

We have reached yet another milestone, and the Lord, our God and master, has been faithful, as He promised in His holy scriptures He would. Not a single twinkling have we doubted in our journey that the creator of creation and saviour of mankind has been in charge of this platform. Everything is attributable to His loving kindness and tender mercies. That is why it is vital for us all to pause and marvel at His wonderful works and award Him all the glory.

At this time we pause to remember that there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. We draw this point to highlight that by human consideration of time, the exponential growth we have experienced both organically and inorganically can only be attributed to God our creator, the creator of time, the master and saviour of mankind, King Jesus. We owe it all to Him, and we stand in awe of the fulfilment of His promises.

In the spirit of gratitude, there are a few things I wish to highlight that took place the previous year. We should, in essence also take this time to celebrate the memory of the late Minister Collins Chabane, who passed on a day after speaking at our GFFJ banquet the past year, and perhaps reflect on his profound words.
“We must measure everything we do, even service to our people against what is it that Jesus would do”. It is only in our service of him with utmost humility that we find confidence to declare that the Global Fund For Jesus will be the biggest fund in the face of the earth and the GBR in 200 countries by 2020 as He promised.

The Global Fund For Jesus is honoured to present this year, posthumously, the Annual GFFJ Award to Minister Collins Chabane for his exemplary leadership to the people of South Africa, his efforts in building Africa’s newest state, South Sudan, which exhibits his passion about the continent and for his support of the vision and mandate of GBR and GFFJ. The first award was awarded to the late Prophetess Zodwa Mnguni, the first trustee of the Global Fund For Jesus and The Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng of the Republic of South Africa, Former President Joaquim Chissano of the Republic of Mozambique, Former President Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania and Asky airlines President Gervais Djondo. GBR


The Global Business Roundtable focuses on the holistic development of a person in line with God’s plan for His Kingdom.

The Business Roundtable therefore focuses on the following areas of growth by putting God first in all we do and never forgetting to love Him with our entire being:
      1. Intellectual and skills development 
      2. Business development and opportunities 
      3. Emotional development 
      4. Networking and interpersonal development 
      5. Mentorship (Transfer of skills and knowledge)
      6. Financial development (Wealth Creation and Estate Planning) 
      7. Relationship development (with God and with fellow man and the principle of loving your neighbour as much as you love yourself)


The GBR-Global Business Roundtable as a networking organization with a global member pool focuses on the complete development of a person in life with Gods plan for his Kingdom. 
“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” Mathew 6v33
“Jesus said to him “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind”. 
This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it 
“You shall love your neighbour as yourself”. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.” Mathew 22v37 – 40


Any individual or entity described in any of the categories mentioned below can register as a member. Current GBR Membership comprises of:
    • Corporates (Listed & Unlisted) 
    • Small & Medium Enterprises 
    • Professionals 
    • Individuals
Associate Members which include the following:
    • Churches & Religious Organisations 
    • Non-Governmental Organisations 
    • Chambers of Commerce & Industry 
    • Academic Institutions 
    • International Organisations 
    • Multilateral Institutions


South Africa • Tanzania • Democratic Republic of Congo • Uganda • Namibia • Ghana • Swaziland • Benin • Lesotho • Mozambique • Botswana • Zambia • Zimbabwe • Mali • Ivory Coast • Mali • Senegal • Republic of Congo • Togo • Burkina Faso • Malawi • Kenya • Nigeria • Ethiopia • CAR • Mali • Gambia • Equatorial Guinea • Guinea Bissau • Niger • CAR• Congo Brazzaville• Kenya • Gabon • Cameroun • Chad • Algeria • Tunisia• Morocco Spain • Belgium • France • Canada • USA • UK


GBR experienced growth in the numbers of members attending GBR Roundtables both organically and inorganically throughout the world. Organically roundtables grew in numbers and inorganically launched many roundtables.

In South Africa, for example, roundtables grew ranging from 80 - 100 and we anticipate that this will exceed 1000 roundtables by 2020. GBR has also grown internationally from 33 to 56 countries to date with membership 224 branches throughout the world. This trend is expected to continue and optimistically GBR will be in 70 countries by April 2016 and GBR Africa’s launch program is expected to be completed by June 2016. We are expected to launch another 56 countries between April 2016 to April 2017, thus doubling our numbers. This signifies that we are on course to be in 200 nations by 2020 


GBR participated in many International launches in 2015 and is represented in 95% of Sub-SaharanAfrica and many more nations throughout Africa will be participating at 2016 World Congress, Trade and Investments Mission and the auspicious GFFJ Banquet.

In Africa GBR has expanded and launched in countries like the Republic of Congo, Congo-Brazzaville, Angola, Sao Tome, Senegal, Gabon, Algeria, Tunisia, Ghana, Cameroun, CAR, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, and Guinea- Conakry, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and many more. GBR anticipates expanding the African footprint in 2016 to complete the GBR launch campaign of the rest of Africa by June 2016 to ensure Africa is covered substantially in all the regions on the African Continent.

Internationally GBR continued to launch in the following Countries like USA (North Carolina Raleigh, Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California. The campaign included the following countries like: Sweden, France Orleans, London UK, Dubai and the Caribbean Islands and many more. GBR will continue to launch many countries overseas to launch in Asia (China, India, Japan, South Korea and etc.)


The GBR annual conference and the Global Fund for Christ Gala Dinner are high-level events and are intended to bring GBR Members from all the countries and from all the roundtables under one roof in a high-level strategic conference, and together with that we invite high-level business people, politicians, members of civil society, religious leaders, professionals and academics to debate and discuss issues of strategic importance to society and the Kingdom of God.

The 2015 the conference was highly efficacious as many business transactions were concluded between countries, companies and individuals. Conference also served as a platform for the transference of knowledge and wisdom from the power-packed list of speakers and panellists. It was then followed by the Global Fund for Jesus Gala Dinner. We were honoured to host The Honourable Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa, The late Former Minister in the Presidency (RSA) Mr Collins Chabane as guests of honour and we were graced with the presence of Dr Abu Baku as well as the Former Vice President of Zambia Dr Nevus Mumba. We are looking forward to the next World Congress taking place next year with the addition of 4 Trade and Investment Summits that will take place before the auspicious GFFJ Banquet.

Entertainment was from Johannesburg Festival Orchestra conducted by the famous conductor, Richard Cock as he rendered great music by the Global Business Roundtable Worship and Music Team.


Future Leaders hosted a very successful Summit in Mozambique in June 2015 in attendance were young people from all over Africa with the representation of all Future Leaders Chapters and Student Chapters from all over the Continent. This Summit was hosted at the beautiful Joaquim Chicano Auditorium in Maputo. We look forward to the next Summit which will be hosted in Kenya, Mombasa.


The year 2015 introduced 2 inaugural international Events,

The GBR five-fold Ministers and Intercessors’ Conference which saw leaders and intercessors from across the globe and different denominations convene. The maiden one day global 5 fold Ministers summit was held on the 24th of September 2015, at the Wanderers Club in Johannesburg, with the theme was "Elders at the global gate" the aim of this summit was to sound the trumpet to call forth the elders for the new season to arise and take their place at global gate in line with the Global Business Roundtable mandate. 

GBR Women of Character Summit which saw the attendance of over a 1000 delegates from all over the world. The Theme for the Summit was appropriately titled: ‘A whole woman – impacting nations, one woman at a time’. It was about women pursuing their ‘wholeness’ in Spirit, Soul and body and being kingdom women that are Spirit-led, yet using their intellectual giftings to make a difference in the spheres and sectors God has placed them, thus making an impact in their communities and nations. In line with this theme, we had Speakers from the spheres of government, the church, Education, NGOs, business and health and wellness that addressed the theme from various perspectives. 

Global Think-tank. This experts Summit attracted high-level business people, spiritual leaders, professionals, government leaders, politicians and leaders of civil society to debate issues of strategic importance to the kingdom of God. Societal issues ranged from good governance practices, education and intellectual development, thought leadership and personal development.


Thanksgiving session is the highlight GBR event calendar for the year, because it is where GBR members gather to thank God for a successful year, successful roundtable sessions, growth of the GBR in every nation and every roundtable and thank God for His provision for GBR roundtables. We also thank God for the opportunities that He presented for GBR and GFFC, and also to members of GBR in their businesses in their professions in their ministries and in their families. Customarily during this event, members exchange gifts, bearing gifts for a person they know and someone they do not. After the fellowship over a lunch the year was duly closed.


The Global Fund for Jesus is a unique fund, in that we want to show forth the glory of Christ and show the world that when the Lord said Silver and Gold is mine He meant it. There is no shadow of doubt in my heart, that this is going to be the largest fund on the face of the continent, presided by King Jesus himself. The fund is growing in mobilization of assets and Human Capital:

The Ambassadors base has grown under the capable leadership of Chief Ambassador James Mabundza. Governance also took precedence as this year saw administrative policies and guidelines developed by the former Chief ambassador Adv. Mary Bosiu being distributed across the world, reaching our French, Spanish and Portuguese communities. With International Launches of the GBR, the Fund’s human capital base has grown tremendously and we continue to trust God Almighty for the Trustees of each nation as we build towards vision 2020. 

The fund has continued to mobiliSe funds and resources, mainly with pledges still growing more. We extend our gratitude to those that made pledges and contributions and continue to honor their pledges. Resources given thus far have comprises of property: shares; land, the Lord bless you immensely.

The fund in the current year of review, received various letters of request for worthy projects, within and outside South Africa. This demonstrates the enormous need and we look forward to 2020 and beyond, when fully established structures of the Fund can commence with projects that will feed the hungry, and malnourished, to educate the uneducated, to house the homeless, bringing relief to house those that are suffering providing health care to those that are sick; taking care of the orphans and the widows those in our communities affected by wars and social ills.


Growth of GFFJ assets rose from about R122 millions in 2015 to R1.460 billion in 2015. We are expecting this to continue at an accelerated rate as we approach 2020. We are excited at the prospects of the year 2015/16 in terms of GBR and GFFJ. GFFC. GBR will be launched in 70 additional countries in 2016, with further Trade and Investment Missions in many countries where GBR will be launched. There will be a continued entrenchment of GFFJ as a separate entity from GBR in every nation where GBR operates. Launch of GBR Platform

At the annual World Congress this year, we shall see the launch of the GBR platform which will be a catalyst for GBR expansion of efficient communication of products and services to all GBR members and GFFJ Ambassadors across the globe. The platform will include the following amongst others:
    • Create an integrated trading portal for members, 
    • Create a closed financial or banking system for members independent of the commercial banks, 
    • a membership carding where members across the globe can interact 
GFFJ Investment Corporation was established to look for investment opportunities in diversified sectors of Industries to increase its investment Portfolio aligned with a mandate of amassing as much wealth as possible such that by 2020 the commencement of all related projects. 

We expect to have continued growth in the levels of giving of the members of GFFJ. At the prayer camp in 2017 we anticipate the launch of the second phase of the Resource mobilisation with the commencement of the Share mobilisation phase becoming active. 

The organisation formerly referred to as the Global Fund for Christ has changed to the official name Global Fund for Jesus. This is in line with the vision wherein an audible voice said to me thrice “Arise and set up the GLOBAL FUND FOR JESUS”. We are also cognisant of the power that is in the name of Jesus at which every knee shall bow and every tongue confess to his Lordship. 

Many thanks, 
Sipho Mseleku (F. inst. D)

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