A Whole Woman


The Inaugural Woman of Character of Summit held on 8th August 2015 was a remarkable success! Abba showcased His glory through all yielded vessels that participated in various capacities and roles at the Summit. Glory and Honour belongs to Him alone. 

The Theme for the Summit was appropriately titled: ‘A whole woman – impacting nations one woman at a time’. It was about women pursuing their ‘wholeness’ in Spirit, Soul and body and being kingdom women that are Spirit-led, yet using their intellectual giftings to make a difference in the spheres/sectors God has placed them in, thus making an impact in their communities and nations. 

In line with this theme, we had Speakers from the spheres of government, the church, Education, NGO, business and health and wellness that addressed the theme from various standpoints. We saw the hand of God at work as He caused some Speakers to move away from their prepared speeches and presentations and deliver a message directly from the Throne Room, which was meant to address the needs of the audience. Many were truly delivered and mental strongholds were broken as a result of these messages. 

All this was in line with prophetic words that were released by our GBR Apostles and Prophets during the 7 days of prayer and fasting preceding the Summit. We are truly grateful to our Heavenly Father for His manifest presence that was felt and seen by all. The Woman of Character leadership team also had a Dinner in the evening which was aimed at gearing women up for vision 2020 and ensuring that all Women of Character leaders in each country know what is expected of them to achieve vision 2020. 

Challenges and Barriers that had prevented Women of Character from being fully functional to date, were identified and women were charged to ensure that WoC is well established and active in every GBR chapter. The women were also encouraged to actively participate in the WoC e-mentoring group as this provides a platform for growth and getting to know each other across the globe. 

The Guest Speaker of the evening, Dr Nellie Kangwa, shifted the atmosphere with a powerful and timely message which was so deep that it cannot be shared on a public platform. Suffice to say that our spiritual eyes were opened and impartation was received by many who were in attendance. 

Finally, the preparation for the Summit as well as the Summit itself, gave us an opportunity to think deeper about who we are, what our mandate is and what differentiates us from other secular women organizations. We were able to crystallize who we are and what we stand for in 10 points that can be easily articulated by all Women of Character. 

Going forward, we will actively drive the implementation of WoC objectives and plans in line with vision 2020 and ensure that the WoC mandate is well understood by all. We remain ever grateful to Abba for His abundant grace that was upon this Summit and we know He will take us from one level of glory to another. We are eagerly looking forward to what He is going to do at the next Summit which will be held in Zimbabwe in 2016 and urge all women and men to come in numbers to support us!

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